What are each character's perk unlock path?


After I realized that I didn’t need to spend in game currency on the unlocks, and instead I can just level up certain characters to get the perks that I wanted, I decided to go and take screenshots of what upcoming perks I will unlock for monsters.
I did a test in game, and if you purchase the first or second level of a perk and then rank up as a character with that perk as one of their level-up bonuses, it will unlock the third level of that perk. So there’s a way to save on in game currency.
If anyone can take share the missing information on the remaining unlocks for each monster, I know that I’d certainly appreciate it.


I just leveled up goliath and gorgon to see the next 10 levels of perks. If someone else would help me with this…like a dev or another player, it would really help. Because this is going to be a long and tedious process to level up every character by myself and take notes on each one’s progression list. @macman?


They said they’re going to sort out being able to scroll through that list in game.


Oh that’s good.


Thank goodness, I was wondering this same thing. I’m kind of paralyzed on what to do next, because I know which perks I want, but I don’t think I want to spend keys on them. I just need to see who unlocks what. I really hope it’s the next patch, and also tool tips for abilities at the character select screen or something.

Until then I suppose I’ll focus on getting one character as high as I can.


Given you get a set of skins at character level 35, and one at 40, I’d definitely say rank up your favourite character! Someone showed me the image of the level 40 Rogue Val skin (that they’d achieved) and it is AMAZING.


I don’t know how good skins would be in this game. With all of the looking around I hardly even know what other characters look like outside of the opening drop zone scene, and being first person I only notice the hands of my character. The menu just show a 2d image of characters now as well.


I made a suggestion on that, what do you think of it? Incentivise ranked play with exclusive skins