What an awesome Survival Guide Trailer


So I may be totally late to the party but I just saw this video after getting off work and I am so totally stoked all over again! Check this out! :smiley:


I saw it too and saw some cinematic scenes in there like bucket talking to Cabot and Hyde talking about it being paradise. Did I miss something or was this in the beta? I won’t know cause I wasn’t in the beta (I was on vacation for six weeks)


In beta. It’s part of a special video that you get when first selecting a gamemode after finishing the tutorial. It was also in their in-game video gallery under “Hunter Introduction.” It’s a really epic video that feels like a movie intro, you should check it out when they upload it or the game goes live. :smile:


Thanks, could you send me a link?


Wait never mind, I found it. Thanks again


Nice, I didn’t know someone else had uploaded it to Youtube. Enjoy!

On topic: Yeah, this trailer definitely made me want to play again. Not that I didn’t after beta. :relaxed: I’m glad they put it out there to inform people, as well. I just hope the people don’t misunderstand some of it (like taking it as 12 hunters in the game only and forever).


Yeah, I thought that it was awesome. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to play the beta, oh well, more grinding for me!!! :smile: