What aminal/mythological creature would you be?

I mean this in two ways- which best suits your persona, and which would you want to be? Only things you can’t say are like “god” or supreme divine entity, that’s cheating!

I think @Shin is a wolf, because he’s cute, but fierce, and loyal, and cute. ^.^

Inb4 @Pythios claiming to be a dragon.

And @ToiletWraith tells me her spirit animal is a frog.

And before you ask, yes, it is spelled that way, and aminals are cuter than animals. Deal with it.


Mhmm… ^.-

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Shaddap, you’re a wolf.


if i had a choice i’d be a shapechanger.
but as i am im probably more of a Devil. Chivalrous, witty and smart but if things go absolutly not my way i turn into a ravenous beast with the flames of rage burstings from my every mouth and joints.

A sad, very sad rock. With a milkshake of course.

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Me when monster picks Kraken

Me when trying to be a fierce, raging hunter (And failing miserably because apparently its cute when I rage according to some -.-)


That sounds pretty-




I’m thinking I would be a griffin. Majestic but with a bit of aged wisdom like a sphinx.

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I think it’s easier if someone else judge you, rather than yourself.
Just like you did to Shin.

I’m being bland boring and say human, because of the glorious opposable thumbs master race.

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Few things in this word are enough to scare me, and your rage is among them, alongside rabbits, and getting my head wet, and a few words. O.o I don’t even know why. One memory that sticks with me is you screaming “He’s not allowed to win this!” and charging a monster in Arena on Barracks. o.O

I’d be a black panther/leopard or be a black owl I really like those animals >.<

shapechagnger= be what ever you want WITH opposable thumbs
does that weird fingersnap pistol out backwards walk as a giant rabbit

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You die first.


I’d be a wolf by your words, I hunt rabbits.

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turns into cockroach i dare ya

Oh a roach I can handle.

It’s not like being a rabbit would’ve paralyzed me with fear or anything…N-no…<.<


i have yet to meet a person who doesn’T flip their shit when a cockroach starts FLYING!
starts buzzing around
but enough with the roach is jsut himself again
do you like eating rabbits then?

No, she hates the idea of eating them.

Eeeeeew, NO! And I don’t know why anyone would defile themselves with such a fucking worthless disgusting little shit piece of nothing trash garbage rnvfsdk;mfeiwghujb

You know I could go on, but let’s not make this about my hatred for rabbits…Would take too long. <.<

honestly it makes you just cuter ^^
anyways what about YOU?