What about the people who bought the first evolve?


I’ve been busy for awhile and I find out there’s an evolve stage 2 and I’m excited but then I started to think what about the people who bought the first one are we gonna have to elite everything all over again?and lose all our progress?


You’ll have founder status, which means you get all of the new adaptations without having to unlock them. Plus you’ll retain any content that you purchased from Evolve before it when to Stage Two. The Devs have also said they plan on releasing founder exclusive content in the future.


Yes but you get exclusive “founder” bonuses because you’re so cool.


Nice sounds perfect


They all died on shear!


Out of curiosity, what was Legacy Evolve like? :3


Here is a link for you outlining all the bonuses that legacy players have in stage 2:


It is a ton of stuff, plus, anything you purchased or won in challenges will be added on top of that.


It was and is an excellent game. The gameplay was largely the same as stage 2, but with some major differences in QoL stuff. Stealth and tracking were a much larger part of the game - For example, only the trapper could dome, and there was no planet scanner. The maps were denser, smaller, and darker. and much more cluttered. You had to rely on batrays, harpies, footprints, corpses, and upset foliage to hunt the monster. There were also alternative modes with objectives like “destroy x monster eggs” or “rescue x colonists” as the focus. There was also a moba/tower defense like mode called defend. These modes could be strung together in an “evacuation” where the actons on each map would effect the others - eg, if you won on the wraith trap as a hunter, ebonstar would provide teleportation portals that hunters could use on the next map, but if monster won, the freed wraith would create rifts that the monster could move through.

I think the stage 2 changes are all better for the most part. I think the only thing that legacy had over stage 2 is number of maps, but the polish put into stage 2’s maps is a big plus. It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it.


It was much better than stage 2, gameplay wise. Stage 2 went more arcade-y while legacy required more skill and teamwork.


Bruh that sounds awesome I wanna try ;_____; I know I’ll probably be really bad at it since I’ve only had experience in Stage 2 but that sounds intense. Wish they’d have that mode as like a Evolve pro-mode or something. With minimum requirement of 300 hours or something of the sort.


If you can find a disc on amazon or somewhere online for sale, you can probably still play legacy. Anybody who had it can still access it, and you’d get all the founder goodies.


Intense is a good word. If I had to describe Legacy I’d say it was far more involved than Stage 2 but Stage 2 is far more accessible to a wider audience and therefore is less complicated and involved than Legacy. Stage 2 is more fun for quick entertainment while for a longer and more in-depth and immersive experience Legacy exceeds by far.


They should add the options to select weather and have the brightness and atmosphere from legacy available. I kinda like the darkness of the legacy (from video I’ve seen anyway. I’ve never played legacy)


Wait, how will that work, having Stage 2 and Legacy in the same computer? Wouldn’t that be two different games with two different accounts? I’m actually considering it lmao. I imagine the player pool for Legacy on PC is virtually nonexistent tho.


You can only have one at a time, but you can switch freely between them on steam’s preferences page when you right click the game. It shares an account though - anything you have in legacy transfers to stage 2. Not sure if vice versa though.

If you wanna get it, look for a PC monster race key - that’ll get you all the gameplay effecting parts of legacy.

EDIT: also, while player pool is low, the singleplayer is actually really solid. I personally feel the AI is way better in legacy. The computer monsters could kick my ass on a regular basis.


I’d be interested in hearing the thoughts of someone who never played Legacy, but knows and loves Stage 2, on what Legacy feels like.


Oh geez pressure’s on me now .__.

Also, apologies for thread-hopping!! I will quickly shut up now before I get sniped by the mods. Thanks for everyone who talked to me about Legacy ~(•3•)~


It was more about the hunt and less about the fight. Some loved it but not enough sadly.


Deepest Dark seems similar to videos I saw of Legacy Evolve.

My own view is “This is what Legacy must have felt like” (Never played Legacy).


Legacy is a must try for all you Stage 2 dweebs. Can’t call yourselves a true Evolve Player if you ain’t manhandled the foundation that the newer version stands on.

In all seriousness tho, you are missing out.