What about report system?!


I would like to ask if Devs are planning some kind of report system. For example I think it could be a real problem because this game is not like LoL or Dota cuz those games are free to play so you can ban people how you wish but how could you ban someone who paid about 50$ for the game. I know maybe you would like to ban an absolutely biggest unfriendly idiot ever but he still paid 50$ for the game and he wants to play it and he has the right to play. What are you going to do? Or you are handing out other punishments such as longer matchmaking in queue or loosing xp? How you will deal with it?

Please someone tell me something about your plans with those or similar systems, I am so curious.


i’m sure they’ll have some sort of vote kick system like in L4d.


There will be a way to kick players if I recall (had a match with an AFK support the whole match and I asked about it. It might’ve been a kicked die to inactivity though, don’t recall exactly). For those who leave early, I don’t think they get all of their XP and they have to wait a minute before starting matchmaking again


Mmm, does that mean that punishments will not for long term but only short? And the bans will not be possible?



Is this still a thing? Getting annoyed by people screwing up decent lobbies and afking for round after round after round. Would filing a complaint with video proof actually achieve anything in getting the game licence revoked for repetitive offenders?


For a moment there, I thought Denny had returned. O_o