What about new mutagen characters

I’ve been wondering about the possibility of a wolf like character possibly a trapper or assault that would also be a mutagen like Slim. Thoughts?

Hmm, I don’t think there were any wolf-like people during Mutagen Wars.
It was Lazarus men, Chemtroopers (ex. Hyde) and Basilisk Soldiers, like Slim.

Not sure the idea would fit in.

Would love to see more Basilisk Soldiers though. I love the design of Slim. Would like to see something similar but different.

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Eh. Slim used up the Basilisk soldier gimmick, I feel like it’d be kinda stale.

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Wasn’t there a race of Large humanoids in the lore? I think it might of been from Cabot’s backstory.

Basilisk soldier that was actually a basilisk? Yes please.

As soon as I read your post I thought witcher mutagens! LoL

I think according to Matthew’s latest entry on Slim, it mentioned that they didn’t start using insect/arthropod DNA to splice until gen 2 or 3. They were using more unstable cocktails to make the gen 1(maybe gen 2) soldiers, that’s why they went mad. Could be wrong though. So there could in theory be a wolfman, but he might be a screwed up gen1/gen2 reject, and I think they were all destroyed.


That was just a guy who grew up on a high gravity planet and his body adapted as such, IIRC.

The only other Basilisk Soldiers, as confirmed by Matthew, were fused with Lobsters and Spiders. Slim was fused with Dragonfly DNA I believe.


You are correct.

What about tier 5 support?

Yeah, can’t see wolf being stable.

What about her?

This makes me really sad that it has already been confirmed the Monsters aren’t Mutagen/Basilisk Tech. It would fit together so nicely, Monsters look like creatures similar to creatures we know, have human like Intelligence but are animal like qualities. T5 could be a Spider Creature from the tech, but you know, that’s not true…

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She looks kind of like a bug.

How so? She looks perfectly human.

If you look closely at the “claw,” it’s VERY clearly a glove/gauntlet type thing. You can even see her fingers behind it.



It’s Crow’s brother…Frank.


I’m really hoping that it’s a gal >.<

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I’ve seen some very weird bugs.