What about lowering the time limit to encourage delaying the monster?


How about instead of chasing a wraith/kraken for 15 minutes without any reward and just delaying the inevitable for them to get to stage 3 and fighting at the power relay you encourages the delaying of the monsters feast. 20 minutes outside fighting is way to much for it to even have an impact on the game.

I made level 27 in the beta and not a single game has been close to end due to the time runs out. How about maybe lowering the time limit to 12-15minutes? And encourage the delaying so if the hunters played well the monster might have to force a fight when he is stage 2. Maybe also open up Power relay when its 2 minutes left or something like that preventing hunters from fleeing.

This is just a thought hope to get some feedbacks on the idea! :smile:
And thank you TRS for this non-planned BETA, never had such fun with a game!


I did not personally have problems with monsters delaying the game massively. They all mostly engaged and lost or won by early-late stage two. But I think lowering the time limit will promote much more fighting, and monster gaining evolution points by downing hunters more than running like baby coward and eating.


Yeah for me its 85% of the games the monster doesnt really want to fight. He will survive in DOMEs just losing some armor a good monster will not lose health in these early DOMEs and 20min later coming in for the relay fight and very often crushes the hunters


Wow this point is really legit! Im with you 100%, too many games with pointless hunting. 20 Minutes on the timer is too much and it doesnt really fill a purpose right now, only that if the monster is trolling or not even trying to kill hunters. I made lvl 24 in the Beta and the last day of playing and the monster was good enough to play like this.


How was it non-planned? It was announced right after the big alpha back in November. They used vague wording, but they never claimed the whole beta would be xbox one exclusive either.


I had a monster who i think was newish to the game, when he reached stage 3 we chased him for a bit but he ended up getting away so we went back to the power relay on top of the dam, and i think he must have been looking for a buff or getting more armour cause we didnt see him again and just spent the 2 minutes waiting for him to come, wasn’t a very satisfying win


Thats the downside though, but just lowering some minutes I think it will provoke much more intense gameplay and every second of the hunt is valuable. I think using the clock this way is a great way to balance out the “boring” hunt parts of the game.


I disagree completely, I had multiple games where I had to avoid talented hunter teams (mostly against the TRS devs and their buddies) and I needed all the time given. The time is great the way it is in my opinion.


the games are already too short in too small an arena. time limitations for wins on games is always lame


Too small an arena? Are you serious? Most people are already complaining about how hard it is to find and trap the monster.