What about a trapper who actually traps?


Alright, here is my idea. I would love to see a trapper who has a trap for an ability. It could be something like a net, a spring tree trap or even a snare. The trap would activate only if the hunters are at a certain distance from it, to prevent camping. Once the monster is caught, it is trapped just a little bit longer than the time needed for the trapper to comeback and dome it. Of course, there would be some sort of an indicator, like Griffin’s spikes, to tell the hunters the monster has been caught. The trap would also give damage to the monster ( one bar or something).

The trapper could only set up two traps at a time on the whole map. He would have to dissimulate them well, for they would be somewhat easy to spot by the monster if set up in the middle of a dirt road.

While on the topic of trappers… I think they should be the only ones who could see the tracks or hear the monster run. This would force teams to sticks together.


The problem with this is that it relies on the Monster to come back through a high traffic area. If this was the only form of CC/Control then the skill might never be useful. It also seems like an auto deployed at the Relay so it will always fire. The problem with something like this is that it would be similar if Abe could ONLY dart wildlife and not the monster. Hardly no one would use him/that skill. I do like the idea of traps in combat though.


I think that figuring out where the monster will go is exactly what a trapper does. If it is too obvious the monster will see it, trappers would need a bit of creativity. Also, it couldn’t be used at the relay, since hunters need to be away for it to deploy. The big difference with what you say about Abe is that the monster can’t keep running when caught, while when it eats a tagged creature it can still run. I think it would be awesome to catch the monster then try to comeback to dome it. Moreover, you could not just deploy it and comeback right away, since the monster would smell the hunters sitting on the trap and just go elsewhere.


Yes, but it means you can leave it at the relay and then go for a stroll for elite wildlife/try to dome away from the relay with the safety that it will stall the monster there. I still don’t like the idea of an ability that doesn’t get used much. It’s why I have issues with Bucket’s UAV and to an extent Laz’s rez device. The UAV is counter productive and isn’t used very often, so why not change it to something more engaging. Against a good monster the Laz device can be the best thing or non existant because it doesn’t do anything.


I vehemently disagree. So you want to keep the monster trapped long enough that the hunters can cross the map and still dome the monster? No counters is not a fun mechanic.


Not long enough to cross the whole map! A certain distance allowing the monster to free itself just before they get there. That is why I said that they would try to dome it after. The advantage is knowing where it is, putting a little damage and slowing it in its feeding. As for doming at the relay, it’s rarely a great idea, a healthy stage 3 monster will use the dome to its avantage by making sure hunters can’t escape.


You don’t dome when it first shows up, you dome Stage 3 when it’s armor is gone and about to bolt.


So the trap is useless in that case… Which is what you wanted


But it stops the monster from hitting the relay. Meaning the Hunters no longer need to camp directly at the relay. They have the opportunity to be a bit further out.


Same for the dome… Also, the monster has hundreds of ways to come in to the relay without hitting the trap. The trap only covers a small area.


these cats seem to have the right idea


Funny, but it doesn’t add anything to the discussion… Any real opinions?


I’m glad you have found amusement, but in all seriousness I like your idea where only trapper could see the footprints of the monster, I can’t stand it when I see other players trying to find the monster on their own running in different directions. What I might recommend is something like cage traps that spring over the monster and perhaps it just had to hit it a couple times more than it would harpoons to escape but I believe you’ve covered that as well. The only other thing I can think of is pitfalls but that would require a redesign in the maps or would be too hard to put into the game as a trapper ability


I wrote some character ideas for another thread that I never posted. The Trapper idea I had was for a genuine trapper, as in someone who traps game for a living for meat & hides. His unique ability is camouflage or mimic snares - when you place them on the ground, they project an image of a normal blue-outlined animal corpse to disguise them. Once the monster steps on the “corpse” they are briefly rooted by a super sci-fi bear trap thing that implants a tracking device in their ankle. You could place 5 in the world like everything else. I thought it would make a cool meta thing where Wraiths specifically have to be a little more worried about trying to “eat on the run.”

My idea for a Support was for a gearhead/mechanic type and included an ability similar to Bucket’s UAV that releases roving probes similar to the things from the movie Prometheus (to make up for the Trapper’s lack of early tracking, since the tracking device is like Abe’s tracking dart.)


I’ve been thinking of a Trapper with Pheromone Grenades who can draw wildlife to specific areas. Want to do some population control and get rid of some monster chow? Want to lead that Tyrant that’s been bothering your team in the dome towards the Goliath who’s watching this go down? All you need are Pheromone Grenades.


maggie lays harpoon traps


They’ve tried a net and I believe they said it was a disaster trying to do the animations for.