What abilities will the bots just flat-out never use?


So far I’ve found the bots won’t use:

-Bucket’s UAV
-Griffin’s Sound Spikes


I’ve seen a Bucket Bot use his UAV…


Really?? I can’t get him to do it.


He is of his own free will. The bots are advanced, so they’ll only use their abilities at the prefect time. Bucket’s UAV keeps him far behind, so he’ll generally use it at the end of domes, etc, etc. Griffin bots use their sound spikes a lot. Even in Alpha.


Look at us, stalking random threads because we can’t play yet. :blush:


Yeah, it’s so depressing. And so many people are complaining, too. Just give me your copy if you aren’t enjo- I mean, it’s annoying. Yeah.


Ikr. I’m at the point where I’m just about ready to tell them to deal with it. You’ll be getting it tomorrow though, correct?


No, in like a week. :cry: It’s alright, though. My forum friends are helping me through it.


We’re here for you Midnash! :crying_cat_face:


That’s a nice nickname. I shall keep it as my third pref nickname, after Midnight and Roses.


Jesus guys, I never said I wasn’t enjoying the game.


Oh no, not you, lol. All the people constantly making the “Devs fix rn or we boycott” Threads.


Not you, specifically, just some others being irrational. And kudos for keeping your post professional and curt. It’s a nice change from all the irrational whining as of late.


You also haven’t said you are enjoying the game. So there’s that.


I downloaded it but now I have high school. :sob:
I cry for 6 and a half hours until I return home…


It’s alright, Andy, we can cry together. Except you’ll be crying six hours and I’ll be crying six days…


Ouch, that’s a lot of tears :cold_sweat:


Too many, for my tastes. :confounded:


I’m enjoying the game, friend!


Satisfaction and biz!