What abilities do you like to take?

As the title suggests, what abilities do people like to take at stages 1, 2 and 3?

Also what combos do you like in 5.0? What have you found is succsesful?

Stage 1

S2 and S3 I do the same, so 3 3 3- no decoy.

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I usually do
Stage 1: 1 warp blast, 2 decoy
Stage 2: 2 warp blast, 2 decoy, 2 supernova
Stage 3: 3 warp blast, 3 decoy, 2 supernova, 1 abduct
It has worked pretty good thus far. I mainly use wb and melees to try for a down (using decoy to reposition), then novacoy to finish downed hunters fast.

Fair enough. What kind of combos do you find work best? I usually put a point in decoy so I can get into a position for an abduct or warp blast. with the traversal glitch at the moment I find it’s harder to position like I used to.

I’m never really airborne this patch due to as you stated, her traversal bug. I like to get 'em with an abduct, follow it up with a warp blast and then focus on a completely different target- ie. Medic, putting some pressure on

Yeah I like to bounce my focus around, especially versus Lazarus. If I can get multiple hunters below half health I can usually pull of a fast wipe. I’m finding decoy to be somewhat neccesary as a counter for jacks field, otherwise he can block virtually everything I do.

Huh. When I use decoy it never goes for the person I want it to. If I could target it at a downed person or something and it would focus them above all it would be useful. Sadly decoy always seems to have the AI of an easily distracted lamb when I use it.

I get ya; usually I will try to knock hunters near a wall or corner first, then decoy about 2-5 meters in front of them. It will most of the time realize it needs to attack the dude directly under it’s nose, but sometimes it still does the whole “Must kill the reaver at the other end of the dome and die before I reach it!” thing. TTuTT

For me I do:
Wraith with movement speed perk
Stage 1: 2 warp blast, 1 abduct
Stage 2: 2 warp blast, 2 abduct, 1 decoy, 1 supernova
Stage 3: 3 warp blast, 2 abduct, 2 decoy, 2 supernova…

Basically the same, but I tend to take 1-1-1 at stage one with decoy instead of 2 warp blast. Just in case they have Jack.

playing a lot with her lately and my build is now…

1 abduct, 1 warp, 1 decoy
2 abduct, 2 warp, 2 decoy
3 abduct, 3 warp, 2 decoy,1 nova

bit of an odd build I know but it seems to work for me and I keep jumping between movement and stamina.

1 abduct, 1 wb, 1 decoy
1 abduct, 3 wb, 1 decoy, 1 sn
3 abduct, 3 wb, 1 decoy, 2 sn

Usually I take damage buff and use the heavy melee strikes between each abtuction/warp Blast/SN Engage to max out knockback and damage.
S1: 2/1/0/0
S2: 2/2/0/2
S3: 3/2/2/2
Stage 2 is the time I pull off most damage on a single hunter (with a surprise engage). Stage 3 is only needed for Health purposes.