What abilities/buffs are good for Cabot?


I don’t really find anyone standing out to particularly useful, so I’d like some suggestions. :smile:


Reload Speed for more Railgiun Action, Jetpack Recharge if you are aggressive and like to stay cloaked and hound the monsters ass, or Capacity for a much larger damage amp capacity before running out. (Note, the last one doesn’t work well with pugs/bad assaults)


I really enjoy jetpack recharge speed so he can dodge more.


reload speed is awesome on cabot


I’ve done like 12k damage against monsters that I hound across the map interrupting feeding :stuck_out_tongue: My teammates keep calling it death by mosquito bites :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I was that good


Heh. You’ll get there :slight_smile: Just takes practice and having fun people to play with/against.


I’m good at playing him but I can never hit the monster from across the map


Practice. I was terrible at Griffin as well, now I’m much better. Keep working on using the single shot weapons. They’ll help.


I’ll take your advice :smiley: