What a support EMETs beacon would be


I personally think that if EMET became support his beacon would be able to re position (in a radius) which would be like and unlike Kalas teleport. Since its teleporting its obvious what that similarity would be. The difference is that it would be mass tele once every 2 mins. being able to go anywhere and of course, it would not rely on the kala being there to work.


shall he also give mana?


i dont get that reference BUT WHY THE FUCK NOT


Kotl giff me mana.


Stealth, for either as long as you stay next to the beacon or for a duration after the beacon goes off, also ends when you use a piece of equipment.
Shield dome, blocks abilities from bypassing the shield centered around the beacon.
Teleportation, perhaps to a specific receiver (the power relay?) on every map, or randomized to an area farther than 80 meters away from the beacon.
Acceleration field? Faster reload/movement speed/class cooldowns for people near it.


no seriously… the interface doesn´t allow this and it will not because that would be overcomplicated.


as in you activate it, the map comes up and you choose where to teleport by clicking on it. might be complicated but thats why new players hate emet. and all other characters they are bad at


as i said… not possible. because

well… possible yes, but a frickin chore. not to mention double layers and whatnot.


Well good on you sir for picking a giant hole in my argument that i didnt think about.


Yeah and since the point of adaptations is low budget and only changing function, not making entirely new things like a minimap selection tool, they’d never do this for an adaptation lol.

But maybe the Beacon would just give a high amount of jetpack fuel inside the area? I mean it’d never activate against an awake monster but whatever. :smiley:


You assume too much. It might not have a timer or a glowing blue beam pointing to the heavens since it isn’t a “KILL THIS OR EVERYONE GETS BACK UP” thing. It might be harder to notice, have a large area of effect or it might trigger for as long as it lives rather than (or in addition to, like Sunny’s shield drone) after it is up for a certain period of time. A support could lay one down right before entering the dome.


Fair enough, but assuming the monster would be able to smell it, which is reasonable, and it had a significant cooldown, it would still be quite simple for a monster to take it out.

The dome point is true though, that would work well.


WE ARE FUCKING DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU TURTLE ROCK. AT LEAST GIVE US RECOGNITION WHEN WE HAVE A GOOD IDEA. also why does the body have to be descriptive. we could just say our opinion or what we think and thats it. but noooooooooo (dont take that bit seriously it was so i could post this)