What 3d sculpting and animation software is turtlerock using?


Im thinking perhaps 3ds max? Id really like to know!


Currently ZBrush and 3ds Max


There you go!



right o im about to start my 4yr jouney into game design at the art institute in vancouver/ or l.A. and the curriculum said this is what id be using. Hopefully ill be working for turtle rock one day! #swoons


That would be awesome! :smile:


ikr, best.job.ever. Obviously in order to gain access to Turtle rock’s facilities i have to work on my beards fullness


Back in my day games were made with Play-Doh and MS Paint! Kids these days… grumble grumble


That all said, I would recommend being fluent in Maya. Seems like a large percentage of studios out there use Maya.


I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with both 3Ds Max and Maya. They’re both widely used in the game industry. Good luck!



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i will try ALL OF THEM. As well as keeping an eye open for new software as it develops! its like talking to super heroes on this forum <33333


Well they’re super heroes! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d double what Phil said.

Knowing your way around Maya, 3DS Max, zBrush and also some other various software such as Mudbox, Vegas and rigging stuff will come in very handy as they are still widely and largely used in the industry