Wha happen? Hunter buff post PC alpha


Is it just me or did the hunters get a major buff during the console beta? It seems that the hunters (especially Daisy) got a major buff since the PC alpha. So much so that the Monsters are at a real disadvantage. I dont feel as if I can out smart the hunters anymore, rather its just a constant run/chase which gives the advantage to the hunters. Daisy seems really OP currently. That and the hunters individually seem tougher than in PC alpha.

PC alpha - the hunters had to really work and coordinate to overcome the monster.

Post Console beta - the hunters have it pretty easy and you have to be with some incompetent players to lose as hunters.

Am I right or am I wrong?

PS - essentially I am asking, was the gameplay dumbed down for hunters during the Console beta?


I think hunters have learned over the course of the alpha and beta, plus the climb speed buff helps keep hunters on your trail


Hunters learning I guess … though of course most of the people Im playing with/against on PC havent played sine PC alpha so …

Regardless, Daisy tracking is in easy mode at present. Im certain they buffed the hell out of her tracking since PC alpha.