We've won the Trapper Challenge!


Congratulations everyone! I for one am glad they are doing free skin events. Thank you TRS/2K!


It is a little hard to read, but the text says…

"Trapper Challenge Complete!

Congratulations Griffin has won 35,000+ matches towards the Trapper Challenge goal!"

EDIT: That Cabot face though.

St. Patrick Trapper challenge day is here!
St. Patrick Trapper challenge day is here!

Griffin OP pls nerf


WOO YAY THANK YOU :smiley: <3 TRS :kissing_heart:


35k+ is really vague!


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10 chars


Sweet hopefully we get more of these events. Thanks TRS. Lookin forward to the next event. Hopefully we can get a counter lol


Yeye, not a surprise, i knew that. :confused:


Woooo! Glad the Trapper Challenge goal was reached! I’m so happy! I was playing as Griffin for almost every match lol.


We strong community!


Congratulations to fellow hunters! Now lets wait for 31st of March when we’ll be getting a huge lot of stuff now including the skins!


To be perfectly fair, we probably would have gotten them regardless of whether we actually completed the challenge or not. Glad it was accomplished anyway though.


I had suspicions about this as well, but who knows. If we failed they may have just made a post that we would have another chance in the future, there is no way they would make skins and never release them. That said, I am quite sure they picked a number that was close to what we were achieving already.


Oh how I harpoon many monsters these last couple of days for this.

Griffin, the best trapper as of right now, in a sense monster hears dome click, insta harpoon stuck.


Well, GG hunters, I gave it my all but you outnumbered me. I congratulate you upon your new skins, and i hope to see them aplenty next time I’m tearing you all asunder :blush:


Congrats everyone who hunted and was hunted. Now I can breathe a sign of relief…until the next challenge.


Challenge was bomb. Had a lot of fun playing as Griffin and putting the hurt on the monster.


For sure, I feel a lot of people underestimate a good Griffin. Trying to get away from those harpoons after the dome goes down is brutal, especially for a Goliath…

Hopefully more people realize his potential now :smiley: Perhaps that was TRS’s plan all along… tinfoil hat


That sound spike buffis going to seal the deal I think.


Yeah, I wonder how many games we played.