We've had enough conventional healers... Time to get funky!


I would like to hear the communities opinions on this subject. Hopefully, discussion on the subject will influence what comes out next in directions that we want (again).

What I mean by this is that I’m sick of playing the medic characters. Whose sole purpose is to maintain 100% health levels, and to do so in a point, click, HB, retreat fashion. Of course each healer has their own utilities/intricacies but at the end of the day their healing boils down to a very predictable pattern except Lazarus of course

Val- must literally emit the beam to heal one at a time or pop HB in emergency

Caira- quite literally the same thing except heal thru walls in bursts

Slim- probably most malleable and versatile healer since his HB 30m into any surface and bug heals anywhere on map, but its still the same idea except backwards, shoot monster for heals instead of teammates

Lazarus- the only medic with an unconventional heal that is implemented at time of death. With minimal healing available through healburst

Just saying want medics that heal in other ways besides direct application… Like lazarus…Healing fields, healing over time, strike removal, maybe even non-healer damage types that have a horribly situational but powerful heal

What do you think about my suggestions? What kind of healing would you like to see in EVOLVE


Well, we already have the most freakish healer in a game I’ve seen yet. He heals death itself. And overall we got a pretty nice variety of Healers if you ask me. Regardless of how viable they are compared to each other, there’s something for everyone with so many different healing styles we already have.


I think Laz fits what you’re asking for pretty well, but there could be some other interesting medics that focus less on direct heals. Maybe a medic that primarily shields to prevent damage rather than heal it? Or a medic that can project a cloak like Hank can a shield? Every medic still needs a way to heal, without that you’ll go down pretty quickly, but moving the focus on damage prevention could be interesting.


Oh yeah I love what we’ve been given so far. We’ve tasted all the direct application ranges between individual focus and 30m burst healing.

We have three direct application healers… I just want another healer like Lazarus… Not really but I’m sure you understand me

Lol now I feel like the crazy guy calling for the eradication of healing on the medic… ITS SO OP… I like the shield medic idea… Sounds tear inducing


@Roy I definitely agree that we have excellent variety of healing modes, but what are other crazy ways we can do it?

It’s a common belief, regarding healing in games, that damage absorption is stronger than healing itself. This stems from the idea that if you absorb the damage, you’re already done, whereas if you take the damage to your health, there is s set amount of time where you have to regain that health before you’re okay again. During that healing, you could be met with additional burst damage, and someone could die anyway, even if you have all the healing in the world.

I realize shielding (damage absorption) is typically a support-class thing, but it’s always been a subset of healing. So what if there was a medic (or support) that had a shield-burst type of ability, or that their heal burst was special because it also put a small shield on everyone hit by it? Unique heal bursts is also something we’ve come to expect from the medic class.

Edit: I think the cloak-beam idea would be hella rad for at least support, it sounds like their kind of thing.


A cloak-beam would be kinda cool, although it would obviously have to be an invisible beam as compared to all the other beams in the game.

New Medic Idea - The Medlab Medic

Intresting, yer I see what you mean; I’d like to see is anouther indirect med too :smiley:

Pahaps one with ‘Healing Grenade/Healing Cloud Launcher’ that works like Hyde’s Toxic Grenades/slim’s Spore Cloud Launcher however doing Healing over time insted or damage/smell blocking. Another cool idea would be having a med who is able to call down med-bay drops like the ones you get for winning Medlab on evac. (hunters) but from the ship (in a way simaler to Hanks Orbital Barrage) yet without the strike removal and with more healing… pahaps even combine the two into a med Bucket like his original consept art :bucket:

sor for the bad spelling, dislexsic and cant be arsked to fix it right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure a bright white, like “burns-the-image-into-the-screen” kind of beam would be best. :+1:


It could be a projector so that it can his multiple teammates in a radius if you keep it on that area, that way there’s a minimal amount of skill past capacity.

It should give off a strong wave/particle effect cause the beam would make the monster able to pinpoint the invis guy. But ypu could trace wave back to support


It seems hard to maintain a projector on an area… Like, how would you aim it? What if I want to look around? I dunno. Maybe there’s a way, but my brain can’t wrap around it.


Aimed directly at the hunter… That’s the trade off… It would be an extremely powerful device thus their is no looking around while projecting the field in front of you… It could be a fairly forgiving width, mind you… the main idea is that you can only cloak what you can see and maintain aim on


I think I would prefer an idea someone else brought up, something like Hyde’s grenade, but it’s a particle cloud or something, so the Monster only sees lots of bright sparkly flakes, rather than the cloaked hunter(s) inside. Hyde grenade + Slim spore cloud?


We’ve got 2 healers aiming at hunters to heal. (Caira, Val).

We’ve got 1 healer aiming at the monster to heal (Slim).

We’ve got 1 healer not healing, or minimally healing, to stay stealth and do revives (Laz).

I’d say that’s a pretty diverse set of skills between the 4 of them.

If I had to come up with a new idea for T5, I’d say indirect healing such as leaving small healing pods/stations so the hunters would have to flock to them to heal themselves, while the medic was busy fighting or hiding. Like all other drop items, they’d have a limit of 5 at any time, would have a cool-down to set more, and would only work within a set radius from the device.


Jeez loss of sight and sound… People would just quit when they saw that combo cause those two would just spam those two attacks and let assualt go to work

Yea we have a good line up of various heals, just sick of direct/burst application healing… Healing fields is an awesome idea… Then you could make them an offensive/defensive focused medic who heals over time and has HB… or maybe simply a selfish heal over time medic who was awesome at self survival


Damage resistance buff would be awesome… Balanced right it would make for really interesting play


Nice, not what I ment if you ment me but a cool idea also


Our healers thus far only heal, they do not buff. We need a healer that fixes that - either via some ability to “overheal” above the current life cap, or via a super soldier-like stim boost. The tradeoff can be in terms of difficulty to deliver the healing payload - if the healing (or at least the stim boost) is delivered by a dart gun that would be interesting - do you stim your friend at range and risk missing, or get up close?

Just a thought.


Nice ideas
A super soldier-like stim boost you could use on others would be cool; maby somthing working like Laz’s glove (close range, delayed start) but only used on hunters who are not incaped/dead… pahaps good healing over time, speed and jump boost but long cool down (soumthing like 30 secs). Overheal could be cool, maby temporarily returning strikes (i.e. temporarily refills health blocked by strikes but this health depletes over time and once depleted the strike remanes).

Ment as a reply to Wrecker, sor messed up :disappointed_relieved:


Meh, might as well make it a full reverse strike ability… Give that medic some utility and NO extra heals and it could make for a very interesting class… Maybe this character is amazing at keeping teammates in the downed position without dying… And can remove strikes… But absolutely sucks at healing (Caira’s HB only)


Know what you mean and it would be cool… however it would be similar to a monster with an ability to regain health but who’s armor only has a few bars; forward progress is a major macanic and the tyrant buff for the monster is already a bit of a kick in the balls for a hunter team (even though it’s unfairness has been reduced) I feel that an ability to reverse strikes would brake the game and damage it’s flow :worried:


I understand what you mean… It could be balanced with extreme CD though… Two strikes and then 2 min CD… that way the monster can make forward progression on team but only in bursts… This forces monster to engage… Because disengaging when medic is up means losing progression

I see where coming from, I just think laz is game breaking enough yet they found mechanics to balance him