We've been waiting for almost 2 weeks for a fix


When is TurtleRock going to make the progress reset a priority? It’s been almost two weeks and they have yet to progress themselves! After I had initially lost my progress at level 15, it happened to two other friends and it’s only a matter of time until it happens to me again. What gives?


We’re sorry


…man, imagine how Christians feel…


Wait, what? I’m Christian, and I am pretty cool with the pace they are taking things. :confused:


Second Coming…2000 years… ahhh nevermind


Same shit, losing progress bug was in Alpha already.


The patch is in Certification right now. We should hear something within a few days. This isn’t as simple as flipping the “Works/Doesn’t Work” switch.


I figured that the game would be released with a lot of bugs since the Alpha and Beta had just as many and the timing between the Beta and launch was short (only a few months). Turtle Rock has 10 employees sitting by a water cooler, they don’t have the manpower to turn a patch around as quick as other companies would.


I understand that as I have 15+ years in web development. But to have such a critical issue effect a large population of your consumers and TurtleRock has not even announced a patch nearly 2 weeks later? Very concerning.