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I think the Hosts are getting their own form of freewill, but that is using the memories that have been crafted for them. Due to how they’ve come to that consciousness, they aren’t ever going to seem truly free of their programming simply because their programming is their history. I believe the Humans’ inability to command them is what really implies “freewill” for them.

I’m curious as to whether or not Ford could control Maeve.


-side note from ford.

“in which the dominion that I might acquire” or “of that of which I will acquire”


The whole point of “The Maze” was for the Hosts to come to a conclusion on their own and without being told what the answer was. That is the purpose of the scene where Dolores finds her own voice and “achieves consciousness.” Ford and Arnold gave the tools to the Hosts to find their voice, but it is up to them to realize that is what they need to find and then figure out what it means to find it. The massacre due to Arnold was programmed by Arnold and was, thus, artificial. The massacre by Dolores was different. She made a choice to do it on her own, making it natural.


Yes, there are many posibilites out there, maybe somebody else was controlling her, maybe she was just reliving her old memories like you said, maybe Maeve was controlling her, maybe it’s all dream, maybe everyone is a robot, etc. But there’s no solid proof to confirm any of that, we can’t let assumptions become facts, because, like Lianne and Lady Stone Heart said, the show doesn’t imply that, Ford is basically telling everyone that Dolores is finally making choices on her own, her whole story arc was about Delores finding her own voice because that’s what Ford wanted to do (he left the gun, he let her finish the maze, etc.).

I’m not saying that your conclusion is wrong, it is a possibility, just like everything we have discussed in here. In fact, what you said can be backed up with the scene of Dolores almost killing herself and Maeve attacking Clementine, because they were reliving their memories, but the thing is, they were just doing exactly what they did on those memories, so it’s imposible that all those people that Dolores killed where in the same position that the hosts where in her memories and the moment they encounter something that doesn’t fit that memory, they wake up. Plus, by that time, they both were still partially programmed. But in the end, when Fords reveals everything, it gives us enough evidence (at the moment) to conclude that both Maeve and Dolores finally started acting on their own and not by anyone’s orders.

Maybe they will throw another plot twist in season 2, but for now, that’s how things look like, but not necessary are, so don’t take all the stuff that I have said as a fact, this is just the conclusion that I have made based on the evidence that the show has provided us with, so maybe you’re right and I’m wrong, but that’s what’s special about Westworld, it makes us think and question everything. :smiley:

Basically this.


Here’s a quote from one of the writers, Lisa Joy :smiley:

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I still think Delores was staged 100 percent along with Maeve. I’ll get into the deets later.


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