Westworld Discussion (Spoilers!)


I will soon start talking about some theories and other interesting points that you folks have brought.

But I just wanted to point out how Theresa and Bernard were just two puppets and you can see that in the dialogue. Ford referred to Bernard as a very loyal Host and when Hale talks about Theresa she also says that she was very loyal to Delos. In the end they both did things that were against their interests.

I think one of the main concepts that this episode brought was how humans and hosts are really not that different, you can see that with Ford and Bernad’s dialogue and Maeve being alive. :open_mouth:


Yup. I went back to look and noticed that Dolores also say something similar.


That’s right! I forgot that Dolores said it as well!


It doesn’t look like anything to me.


Creepy. O.o


I can’t stop listening to this:

Also, soon I’ll share my thoughts on the latest episode.


I have a feeling that Ford wants to kill every single person on the board, I’m in the middle of the episode btw. But yeah, it looks like the new storyline is just clones from the board. I hope I’m wrong, because that would be terrifying.

Edit: The cop that got attacked in last episode and the writer would be the only humans in the end, this is me just making silly theories btw.


So Ford just wanted to prepare them for the upcoming changes? (Delos taking over).

Now I feel so bad for Ford, he actually wanted to help the host!! :cry:

Dolores is finally alive!!! Omg!! That ending!!! Why did it left us like that! >_<


@Bot and @Lady_Stoneheart you guys actually found a very important clue! While Arnold wanted the hosts to find their own voices and be free of pain, Ford saw that as a mistake, because the pain made the hosts more human and that explains why Ford made the hosts go through so much suffering.

The pain is all I have left.



Oh yeah, I saw it a while ago. :open_mouth:


This might be fun for you all here…

I am about halfway through the 2nd to last episdoe where Teddy is talking about slaughtering the town.

So i take it Wyatt is a Admin of some type, and the town represents Arnolds idea of life or goal.

So does that make the old guy wyatt? hmmm.

also, there was something else. anyways… back the episode before the finale.



I am at a part that reminded me of skyrim…
… So i made a simple meme…

ever have one of those days?


#Spoiler alert for Kathryn, don’t read until you finish the series.

So, in the end Maeve actually made a decision on her own. Bernard said that she was programmed to reach the mainland, but she didn’t, she instead decided to go after her daughter.


[spoiler]… sooo… I can’t help but think that perhaps Dolores didn’t shoot the real Ford. ( He was my favorite Westworld character. :cry: I want him back in season 2!)

Anyway, we saw he was secretly making a host in that basement, so couldn’t that be a host version of himself? If he didn’t intend to bring Theresa back, then what else could he be making in that cabin that he couldn’t just make in his main office? Here’s hoping it’s a Ford host![/spoiler]


I disagreee, its all just a program.

I think Ford has programmed all of it, had duplicate made of himself and sacrificed on stage.

Only to run and hide somewhere in his own world.

as for bernard telling mae she was to reach the mainland (its a story arc that can be changed by the narrative voice) and lets not forget they hinted at multiple things.

mae - someone programmed her to act out. (plus she left behind the cowboy, odd choice as well)
Deloris was just recalling her testing massacre wyatt phase of her life. )well executed … sorry program(

Teddy feels like he might become a Human Sympathizer…

Man in black / william … well he;s happy as sh!t (note grazing wound, not kill shot.) even when he was shot just enough to absolve him.

I like where this is going, question is… are all the hibernated droids old sentient models?

(like the town before that was buried by sand)?


love this show.


they are all robots…

well most likely.

for instance. Mae on the train could simply be a new TEDDY replacement and so on.


Choices dont make life, especially when we are talking about coding. They can mimmick it sure, heck even when i used to run a BBS called Arcadia (303)680-3404 (ofcoursedisconnected) was the number and I made door games, I converted a chat bot into a fake sysop of me (wow sysop… old world word ) and how i would respond.

Users could hold conversations with it for a good half hour or so.

With these programs running around and collecting data, today chat bots are even more real. So just imagine what it would be like during their futuristic world of the … old west?! anyways…

haveing a computer or AI pass the tuning test is already happening today. and thats just assimilation of information and a regurgitation with its protocols and directives.

A.I. aside from the one about to run office in the states. SLAM on the president elect. because… hes a programmed lil bot of the establishment. ok /end salt

Anyways, I digress there is absoulutly NOTHING that says Deloris ran her own choice software. She was merely playing out a past event in a new location. Military installations do that with people all the time. I think they call it sleepers or casket240s.

The oldest short story that ever was…

I Am.

is what westworld is all about.


How do you know it’s a program if the program never said that she goes after her daughter? The program said that she was going to arrive at the mainland and yet, she decided not to and the way they edited that scene supports this.

Edit: video

Look at 2:00
"It begins with the birth of the new people (the hosts) and the choices they will have to make and the people they will decide to become" and then it zooms on Maeve while she’s watching the mother with her daughter and there she is finally making a decision on her own or at least, that’s what the show wants you to imply since that’s Ford goal, he wants to make the hosts find their own voices and make their decisions. That’s why it’s also heavily implied that dolores is finally “alive” because she found her own voice (remember the scene) and because Ford said:

“A villain named Wyatt (Dolores) and a killing, this time made by choice.”

In here he’s referring to the previous massacre that Dolores did but not by choice, but because Arnold programmed her to. This time, according to him, she kills because she decided to and we can confirm that with the moment that she basically tells Teddy why she’s going to kill everybody;

“This world doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to us”

Although I can understand the argument about Ford’s death being too perfect, but after seeing all the evidence, I think she finally found her own voice, in my opinion, of course.

I agree with Bot and you about that Ford being actually a host that he made and I hope so, Anthony Hopkins is just too good!!


See, Arnold… you dont mind if I call you that do you Arnold? of course you dont…

So Arnold let me ask you a question.

"Do we ever act on our older memories? If you were young and scraped your knee… sure you will bend over and tend to your wound. Then later in life, when a similar problem arises something curious happens. Something you cant control. That spark of life that happened in that one instant, its locked away deep inside the person.

And do you know why Arnold? its a survival mechanism where we play off our past experiences only to avoid whatever falls before us. Our minds simply recall the past, without even thought and we react."

You could say it is a form of automatic programming of the human nature to survive and when Deloris started shooting could she not of simply been acting out on older code that was once locked away?