Were the griffin purchases canceled?


I used to have the griffin and the Man Eater skin (It remembers me of Village People hahaha)
However, today it’s gone. I need to purchase him again for 5500 coins to use him. It happened once one week after the free launch when Hank was free week and I had no support to play (not even the free week Hank, I had to purchase one).

It seems to be a bug in char selection. If I is intentional (with Griffin purchases), to you can close the topic.


If you can give us your Steam ID (the long number that starts with 76561, or you can just give or PM me the link), we’ll look into for you. :slight_smile:


SteamID: 76561198027851912


I’ve been looking the player selection screen and figured out I can purchase a skin for a free week hunter even if I don’t have that hunter. Maybe it’s the case. Have I purchased the skin during the Griffin free week? Could you check it out please?


Someone will check for you first thing tomorrow morning when we get into the office! :smiley:


And we’ll look into the skin purchasing w/ no hunter purchase 'cause that doesn’t sound right! :persevere:


@snowkissed, can you check to see if Griffin was purchased and then somehow lost please?


From looking at your logs, that was the case (Griffin was free two weeks in a row). And you are in fact able to buy skins for a character you don’t own; we’ll look into adding some kind of warning or information pop-up that lets you know that’s the case.