Were the gameplay changes really necessary? [FEEDBACK] [played on release and I'm back now]


I’d like to first make it clear that I’ve played the game on release and just went back now that the game went f2p. Naturally, this means that I am not aware of the game’s recent meta, but I will take my arguments back when the game was released.

Were the gameplay changes really necessary? I remember back when it was released. It was a game of hide and seek until the monster grew powerful enough to engage with the hunters, and the hunters were racing against time to find the monster and finish it off before it became a huge threat. This was especiallydelicious back then because it easily made you feel the thrill of the hunt. To hunt. To be hunted. And eventually, the monster became the hunter and the players needed to actually stick together and perform their roles to succeed.

It was exciting. It was the reason why I bought the game after watching gameplay videos. And the only reason I stopped playing was the huge wait times in matchmaking (and I had only 25 hours in the game when this wait time became unbearable).

Anyway, hearing that the game was going F2P was huge. I downloaded it and read the patch notes and was really confused by what I saw. Why change the dynamic I liked so much? It feels like a lot of what I disliked in the new Evolve comes from arbitrary changes and the implications of it. And I’m not sure why these changes happened, so let’s go by them:

TRACKING - It is so much easier for the monster to be found now! The “race” I enjoyed so much involved smarts and cunning. Were the Trappers really not able to keep up with the previous monster meta? I don’t know the answer to this, but one thing is certain: stealth is no more and strategic thinking is reduced to intercepting the monster (for hunters) and being constantly on the move (for monters).

THE MONSTER - I try not to use the word OP, but I’ve been in a few matches and in absolutely 100% of them (iirc) the monster didn’t hit even stage 2. And yet, a good number of those matches had the monster winning. Back then, a Stage 1 Monster fighting the Hunters would surely result in a quick match, with the Hunters destroying the Monster in less than a minute in the dome. Making a Stage 1 going toe to toe with the Hunters is probably my biggest gripe with the game right now, and the reason why I’m gonna wait for future patches to go back once again.

THE TRAPPER - The one role whose changes to Hunters in general meant a huge nerf. Without the exclusivity of the dome, Trapper lost something unique to it. And with the Scan being so important, the differences between characters within the role grew very little in terms of actual trapping and tracking.

These are my problems with the game right now. Mind you, I have not played the game since release, so if you have things to say about the pre-beta meta, please educate me. What I want with this post is to understand what lead to these changes and if there is any possibility of me having my Evolve Release experience once more.

Thank you for your attention.


They had to dumb it down for the CoD kiddies. People didn’t want to learn the game so they quit. You have to hold gamers hands now.


The game more recently has become not a game of hide and seek but a game of Chase the monster to it’s 99% chance evolve spot to maybe catch it before he stages up and then have a fight that determines the result even if the game didn’t end there.

The changes are necessary to try and put a little more fun back in the game, to remove the dynamic of one dome being the entirety of the meaningful part of the game, and also to remove frustrating elements that caused peeps to leave and this create those long wait times


The main thing with the game was that it was team reliant, if you had a bad member of the team, you’d have a bad game. It seemed a lot of people just didn’t want to learn.


I see. That is a shame. But thank you for elucidating the state of the game to me! Much appreciated.


I guess people were more enthusiastic back then, when the game came out and it was a big thing to them.

Anyway, thank you for your reply!


Everyone was very excited for it anyway, but it seemed they never realised how much of it was team based, and just had a bad experience, and left it at that


There was also a very steep learning curve.

For example, trapper. If the trapper was new, they wouldn’t know to throw the dome, and so the monster was never forced to engage, until stage 3 at the relay.


I think the game is way more fun now, it’s more fast paced.

Before we would run the entire map for a huge amount of time until the monster reached stage 3, people complained (walking simulator) and was boring.

As for trappers, as someone who mains trappers I disagree, they’re still viable and extremely useful.