Went from PC back to ps4: Evolve runs meh


Okay so I never really got adjusted to PC gaming after gaming on it for 3 years. I found a controller more comfortable and I was sick of running into hackers all the time, so I went back to console, and I did have a decent PC too. However, I purchased evolve for ps4 and I realized I can’t play it because the framerate is horrible. 30 fps with all the effects of the monsters is not a good combination at all. It was way smoother on my PC even with my older gpu… So far out of the 4 games I have purchased, evolve is the only one that I can’t tolerate the frame rate. Rainbow 6 seige looks great on ps4 and is a lot fun, never got it for PC because of the reviews saying there were hackers everywhere. Just felt like saying that the fps difference is very noticable. Guess I won’t be playing evolve anymore, and I say that because I can’t focus. Astigmastism also doesn’t do well with it. I Sold the PC since I was hardly playing games on it.


30 frames ain’t that bad. Give it time. You won’t notice after a while.

Also I believe this counts as a goodbye thread which is not allowed.


Is it a good bye thread? I just can’t play it. It’s too slow and affects my monster gameplay. Like I didn’t expect it to be that low. I don’t even know if it 30 fps but the choppiness distracts me from playing. So far it’s the only game like that. I could keep trying to play but I might just get headaches since there is too much camera movement and animations to keep up with.


If I cared enough about fps numbers I never would have gone back to ps4, but before PC I had console and I never noticed anything regarding FPS. The monster gameplay just seems way too slow now and it’s distracting with how much I have to turn and aim at the hunters. It’s too choppy. It looks cinematic but overall distracting. I wouldn’t complain if didn’t affect how I play the game, but does. Can’t play a game if I can’t focus. I don’t understand why evolve is the only one of my games so far that’s like that. I am not sure if the hunter aspect is like that since I never play hunters, only monster. Another game that was like this was assassin’s creed syndicate on PC. I had a decent PC yet the game was really choppy to the point where my charactee felt too slow, so I didn’t play it. And this was on PC. So yes, as stupid as it sounds the frame ratw can be game breaking. Guess it’s a matter of what you are use to even though I am more than happy with FPS in other ps4 games. Again, not sure why evolve is the only one that bothers me. Pretty sure it’s the effects or something.


Well a lot of Monster movement has been reworked for silly balance reasons like Wraith’s for example. And what do you mean “it’s distracting with how much I have to turn and aim at the Hunters”?

If anything are you having issues with input lag or the actual FPS? Input Lag can be an issue based on the TV you are using. Frames on the other hand I can’t imagine ever being a problem.


I’m not getting this choppiness at all unless a lot of things are happening on screen which then any game will slow down. Is your internet decent? Are you on a wireless or lan connection?

And as far as the goodbye thing goes. The post sort of insinuates that you are leaving.


Well it looks the worst when I have to turn to look anywhere. For example, if I am running away and need to survey the area with sniff or if I have to aim a rock throw, leap smash, or any other ability in a direction… It’s so slow that I end up missing or something else. Maybe it is input lag? I have 55" samsung smart TV. It has not any problems for any of games and Evolve played fine when it was my PC connected to the TV. I don’t see how the TV would cause a problem for evolve ps4 when it worked PC. How would I even be able to tell if it’s either or?


I have a ethernet cable connected from the ps4 to the router. I have no problems in any of my other games though… If it wasy connection I would have issues in other games. Call of duty is a fast pace game and there’s no problem at all with it. Rainbow six seige is working fine, though at first it did a similar thing. I am not sure how it fixed itself. Evolve hasn’t changed. Been slow and choppy sincw the goliath tutorial. Maybe i have bad disc or something… And I was simply stating that I guess I can’t really play it because it’s super annoying. Like I do want to play it, but I don’t think it should look that way. Maybe it’s just me.


Everytime when I play on PC its awesome for the eyes, when I switch then to my mates on console it feels very laggy cause 30 FPS.

Just give it a little bit time after a while you dont see it anymore.


In my 1800+ hours ingame, I met one hacker, how can you find them “all the time”?
Maybe people are just better than you or you’re missing something crucial that might explain certain situations!?


Unlimited Jetpack Cheat and Makros are “wide” spread in low/middle ranks.


I guess coming from PC you’d notice it a lot more than say most console only players! our only hope is Evolve 2 is with 60fps on a different engine!
Give it a week and you will adjust to it,it’s natural that your struggling a bit because 60fps is a lot smoother and really mandatory when it comes to First Person Shooters i’d say.


I wouldn’t say Evolve runs meh on consoles.

That feeling you’re experiencing… it’s just the feeling of abandoning the master race. It’s only normal.


What speaks against a setting to set it to 720p but have at least 50 FPS or something.

Plenty of games are out there who hits 60 FPS as well on console.

Or a new Xbox/PS with backwards compatibility but with more power.


So basically you are saying the frame rate on console is lower than on PC.
Yea, right, and what does this have to do with Evolve? It almost sounds like you blame TRS for that.

Then you compare it to R6 and say R6 looks great. That is only because for that game you don’t have the direct comparison to PC, since you only got it for PS4. Just look at the beginning sequence in this video (and make sure you watch it in a browser that supports 60fps on youtube):

Of course there is a very noticable frame rate difference between PC and PS4 and of course you wouldn’t like going back to R6 on PS4 after you played it on PC.

It’s all a matter of habit.

This really has nothing to do with Evolve itself.


Guys, I am an old jerk, born on ZX Spectrum and early flight simulators providing terrific 8-15fps. Could you explain to me why nowadays 60fps is a must - not 30 - if human eye is able to grasp no more than that ? Is it because people saying X fps mean “maximum X, which gives you X/2 on some moments” ?

BTW, first couple of months I played Evolve on old PC, with resolution set to 1440x900, gfx Med, had around 25fps and it was still playable. So I am quite surprised with this discussion.


Actually, the average human brain can process over 200 frames per second.


At 30 fps the human eye sees a fluid movement rather than individual pictures, but that doesn’t mean it can’t see more than that.
This is actually a very interesting topic.

Even though about 15 fps is needed to initiate the illusion of continuous motion, the effect by no means stops there. Visual studies have shown that even if one cannot distinguish discrete images, a frame rate all the way up to 60-80 fps makes footage appear more lifelike by enhancing clarity and smoothness.

(This is an article about film, not games, but interesting nonetheless)

While in movies the typical 24 fps give you a nice “movie feeling”, in games an average of 60+ fps is much more enjoyable, as you make it easier for your eye to see every detail and it’s less wearing.

The first vid is 24fps, the second one 60fps. It’s a huge difference.


Monday morning I feel like my brain can process maximum of 0.1 frames per second :wink:

Seriously though - I guess this is related to theories (truth?) about putting hidden messages between “visual” frames, messages that affect your thinking or your behavior, right ? (sub-conscious influence ? don’t know how to call it in English)

Regarding the visual aspect only - I think we can recognize much less than these 200 ?


Excellent! thanks :thumbsup:

(it is you on this bike, right ? :sunglasses: )