Went and told my girlfriend, name our next kid


Just to clear things up, you know you are (a) Stoked for a game (b) love a game, if you want to name your next born son Lazarus because of how much you are into said game…


I actually want to name my son Parnell. My friends name is Caira.


wait, so you named your son Lazarus? Thats awesome


I have yet to. But my girlfriend likes the name, as much as I do.


Indeed, and its one of the few names in the game that seems cool to give to somebody xD


I can just imagine your son being the most badass kid in school


I’m Naming my Little girl Markov,

Beat that ;p


You mean… you want to name your kid after this guy?


Please don’t, for her own sake xD


That’s actually VERY accurate to what Ðorde Živkovic (aka Lazarus) 's job is


Actually i have a friend named Lazarus.In Greece,Lazaros is a common name.For us its LazarOs but its the same name.


Both my girlfriend and I are Hispanic and on top of that, I am half white. We live in America. I don’t THINK it’s a very common name…


Haha i’m just sayin.In Greece you would have a perfectly common name





That’s who Laz in game is named after.


Why not name him ‘Kraken’ or even ‘Crowbill Sloth’?


I’m so naming my kid goliath.


Just make sure he doesn’t pick on any kids named David.


Ahem ?


Don’t be murdering Ascended’s kid MultiDavid even if he is named Goliath.