Welp....Just Got My Stats Reset

Huh, was always one of those fellas who always thought to themselves, “This problem will just happen to the next guy not me”… Until I logged in one morning and lost…all… my…stats…

Couple that with the fact that my favorite game reviewer of all time (AngryJoe) posted a review on the negative side of Evolve, this game has left a bad taste in my mouth. Think I’ll take a hiatus from the game for a while, no point in playing with such a game breaking bug, that and the UNSKIPPABLE tutorial cutscenes for every.single. bloody, thing about this game (which is okay when your new, but NOT for when you get reset)

Sorry to hear it brother… happened to a friend of mine Friday. Went into the match as a LVL35… next match? Was back to LVL1. Not fun. Hopefully it’s sorted too… it kinda scares me each time I turn on the game lol.

is that a xbox only thing?

It happened to me on Xbox, honestly I think I’ll just put this game on backburner for a while. This isn’t crap I want to deal in the future.

I’d like to know as well. Is this issue restricted to (a) console(s) or on PC as well?

yeah i saw so many xbooners but never saw that on pc

You should see a doctor soon or you are gona be infected with that guy’s mental disorder, yelling fuck every 5 sec…

Ot: If you have any screenshots, it might help. Its worth a shot and in the meantime sent a ticket to 2k.Call them out on twitter

And is this xbox?

I’m pretty much on the edge of my seat every time I log into Evolve right now. I’m so sure it is going to happen again.

@Macman Any word on the patch Mac as it has been a good while now.

He’s the only guy I know of who displays an accurate statement of a game’s faults, the anger part is just his persona to make it amusing to watch. Who’d wanna watch a dude review a game who’s all monotone and gloomy?

The biggest problem to me right now is that masteries and perks get reset too. I care more for masteries at this point and the perks because they take soooo much time to attain only formit to be wiped.

That, and I trust self starters more than some pompous prick sellouts from big gaming sites (except Eurogamer, they are good too). Where these two review, my wallet tends to follow.

No happens on all platforms consoles seem to be hit harder .

For those interested, here’s the main threads for this;

Lost progress threads;

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They seriously need to unlock everything for everybody to fix it at this point.

What they allowed to happen is really inexcusable from a customer support point of view. Most of us who got season pass thought we were going to have it unlocked anyways.

This is really bad PR for this game, I was giving them a chance to fix it but its taking far too long to roll out a fix for this.

It should have been done last week.