Well you've officially lost me

I’ve championed your game to everyone i knew. Played 100s of hours. I own most of the skins released that I like which are awesome, monster and hunter. I really had a great time and thought that the 1/10 times daily I meet the most amazing teams of players would keep me, but it did not. I love trapper, im elite, love support im elite and im elite with my favorite monster Goliath. I like FUN, not WINNING. I can lose often and still have a blast. But right now it is not fun.

Balance decisions are just terrible. Once you are no longer playing incompetent players most of the tools the hunters have make it literally impossible to escape.

-Bugs galore, the same bugs that have been here since beta are still present and its frustrating.
-Exploits that have existed since launch are still not fixed and I’m tired of waiting. In addition you just create more.

-I honestly am tired of the anti monster environment that is prevalent. Kraken being powerful doesn’t count as his deal is accidental not intentional but the fact he still isn’t fixed is absurd. This coming from a person who is so bad at kraken I cry when i get dropped in as him cause its a fight for my life to stay in the air or down ANYONE. The fact that the devs don’t even take into consideration what is fun for monsters players is astounding. They jumped on the wraith is not fun to play against hype train immediately and agreed (cause she fucking was back then) but for monsters they get shafted hard.

-No it is NOT fun to be perma CC’d. 10 second long tranqs, constant stasis applied together and tracking darts in case you even make it around a corner nullifying it all. This is not fun, this is broken. Just like any other game CC needs to have a cap and then it cannot be reapplied for some time. The CC spam needs to be fixed. All the long ass CCs and long ass CC combos need to be fixed its absolutely mind boggling you thought hey lets make spammable nades and rapidly firing weapons that CC but wait, you can fire again long before it runs out!

-No it is not fun to have sunny throwing hunters across the map. Post nerf its still an insanely strong amount. After you’re done with the noobs no one boosts trapper, everyone boosts assault and you never find a chance to eat/evolve. You must take damage cause for some reason you devs decided that even if you had a character with a boost that would make the hunter never more than 20 meters behind, we must have the longest evolve ever.

-No it is not fun to have 2 and 3 Sunny drones out. I accept that there are bugs, but guess what, you were not only told but shown via video WEEKS ago and you still haven’t fixed it. Sunny with all her abilities should be a jack of all trades master of none but unfortunately you made her a master of all with zero weaknesses. I like that it doesn’t take half my skills to destroy a drone now, but its pointless when there are 3 down isn’t it? Yes…yes it is.

-No it isn’t fun for people to intentionally die on foundry because they KNOW it will drop them into the sky. I watched a player walk across the entire map above me, constantly shooting me. In an invisible map above foundry after sacrificing himself to me just so he could. The I was support and another trapper did the same thing. Pointed him out to us constantly, had an extra long dome everytime that reached all the way down. Monster couldnt do shit. So fun right?

The bottom line is once you have teams that are past the stupidity stage, evolve becomes monsterously (hurr) unfun for monsters because the hunters are insanely strong in the right hands. Its less an issue of damage outright and more of an issue of constant cc and abilities that never let you do anything in game.

The game is just dead to me sorry. I played every day including today and meh, I just can’t see myself coming back until you start caring how the game feels on our end as monster players. We are supposed to feel powerful as we stage up, I feel like a damn puppy being kicked around much of the time.

The fun I had in this game is phenomenal, it truly is but you’ve gotten so far from keeping it fun I can’t find the drive anymore.

2 PC Monster Race packages (one for a friend) $198
Support Nordita pack $4.99
Trapper Blood Eagle pack $4.99
Wraith Clownfish $2.99
Maggie maneater $1.99
Goliath Tiger $2.99

217 hours spent in your game: Priceless

TLDR Make monsters fun again, fix the bugs, quit with the absurd CC. You’re leaking invested players. Games should be FUN :weary:


Agree 100%


All valid points. I thought it was going to be one of those “fix this” “fix that” rants but you bring up good things.


Yeah,I gotta agree too, but I know devs are working as hard as possible.

Have a link to a video?


This among many other issues :confused:

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I cannot find the video honestly without searching through a 100 sunny threads but picture proof is available as well and been available for weeks too. People have been reporting it with text only as a bug since as early as 28 days ago. I mean cmon.


There is no way you can’t know about it by now. And playing trapper with my friend as support today HE did it. No tricks, no trying to exploit (its hard as fuck just to get him to want to play this at all) it just happened. He put down 2.

I hear you loud and clear on the bugs. There is a title update in cert right now that has a lot of good fixes in it and we will continue to push hard on that front.

As far as balance goes though, that’s where it’s hard for me to see that the Hunters are OP. I know some characters need work, and we are working on them. And I know that some things like the long duration tranq might be frustrating (and that is a good candidate for reverting because it didn’t really help Val), but when I look at the data, I see that Monsters have the advantage.

Over the past two weeks, Hunt mode only, no games with bots and only looking at games with level 30+ players, I see monsters at a 54.1 win percentage:

If I include bots, Monsters still have the advantage, but to a lessor degree:

Additionally, in the ESL weekend tournaments on PC, we see the monsters currently winning 75% of the games and it’s not all Kraken. Wraith went undefeated the other weekend and I always see Legendary rocking Goliath.

On the XBox ESL tournament games it appears to be much closer.

And if I just look at the broad strokes, games across all ranks with bots, Monsters still have the overall advantage.


I don’t know if it has been logged by someone else already but I will log it now and flag @MrStrategio

Let us know if anyone figures out what causes it to happen.


Monsters have a higher win percentage. I have fun as Monster. I understand some of these points but at the same time a lot of Monster players just seem to want easy wins. Sunny is a bit obnoxious but only really bad if played by a highly skilled team and if they are that good then they probably would win without her. One issue Evolve suffers from is that everyone thinks they deserve to be good. They think just putting in the time is enough. Sometimes you are just going to lose.


You’re not getting it. I didn’t say OP anywhere in my post. I didn’t say impossible to win, I said impossible to escape. What is the point of winning or playing at all if it isn’t fun? You have to understand that fun is separate from winning. You KNOW this from community complaints about wraith, think about far back to when people were posting things like “Yea we beat her after chasing for 20 mins and then finally going to the relay but its not fun, its actually the most horrible matches I play.”

I specifically pointed out this isn’t a raw damage issue here where every hunter needs to be nerfed 10-30% or anything of the sort. This is about personal enjoyment. Just as chasing and getting trashed by a wraith 25 mins and winning at the relay cause she has dirt for health and armor wassn’t fun, neither is what I’m experiencing now.

This is NOT about helping us WIN more. This is about making us actually want to play.


After reading this I understand you a bit more clearly and I hope things change in the way you want so you can have fun in the game again. Sorry you aren’t having a good experience anymore.

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Fair enough. If that’s what it boils down to, that’s something we can work with.


Btw, it’s safe to assume that we don’t have the time to read every message posted on the forums, or watch every video posted. Flagging me or any of the other TRS people helps, but even then, I get flagged on so many posts per day that that my flagged posts often get buried before I can log in to see them. So if there’s a bug that’s annoying you and you haven’t heard anything from us on it, it’s probably worth bringing up again in case we missed it.

I honestly don’t remember ever seeing anything about the two drone Sunny bug. I haven’t heard anyone in the office talking about it. I’ve never seen it happen and I play the game daily, but I don’t doubt that it’s there and because it was mentioned here in the this post (and the screenshot does help) it is now logged and in the system and will hopefully get fixed soon.

Just do me a favor and don’t assume that we are aware of something unless we have participated in a discussion specifically about that thing.


Maybe this thread is a good place for me to chip in. I would like to point out that it would be better if the game was more battle and less hunting. I know that this is somewhat contradictory of what OP has mentioned, but the reason a monster needs to escape so much is because it is too weak early on, and too strong later on. This is also a motivating factor for run-and-run-and-stage3 play styles.

One potential solution is to reduce the strength gap between stage 1 and stage 3. Make it so that monsters have a good fighting chance at stage 1 if they were domed. Make it so that a stage 3 monster that had 0 strikes on hunters would lose more than they would win. A buffed stage 1 and a nerfed stage 3 makes it so that both sides want to fight each other more, and makes the game much more exciting.

TLDR: Buff stage 1 monsters like crazy, nerf stage 3 monsters like crazy. Evolve to gain a slight advantage.

We did that pass once in Evolves history. Early on Stage 1 monsters were super weak, to the degree that if you were caught at stage 1, you were dead. Armor was introduced to help that, but the Stage 1 monsters also got more buff and the Stage 3’s were brought down.

My only hesitation with continuing to push that farther now is that Stage 1 monsters are currently winning 18% of the time. That’s pretty close to what we wanted. If that gets much bigger, then there wouldn’t be any “Hunt” for at least one out of every four games. It would just be a brawl at the dropship point.

Something that Brandon and I have been talking about is helping monsters escape after combat, and then slowing them down more after they have escaped. Basically increasing the rubber banding between the two teams. Fights would happen more often but monsters would have an easier time escaping.

It’s all theory at this point though. We haven’t tested it yet but the numbers are there to be adjusted.


Well something went wrong…

I don’t get why are monsters getting away with more than 4% advantage right now.

Please. PLEASE do this.

Behemoth is crying as the medic considered subpar tears him to shreds.

I’m glad that this is being seen as a “snowball” buff, helps the hunters when they are ahead but doesn’t address Val’s true problem areas. The tranq has always been good, not it’s just stupidly good. Poor Behemoth is never as abused as when he has to fight a Griffin/Val/Sunny combo.

I too don’t agree monsters are underpowered but I agree with the OP on the whole “it’s hard to escape/make space”. Evolving undisturbed is something I can only manage against bad hunters these days. Even spamming traversal with movespeed perk across the map, they catch me in a dome as I come out of the evolve. Only counter is to try and bait a bad dome and that doesn’t feel great to me. Idk. I liked being able to make space, being punished for evolving I thought was supposed to be a counter to evolving in a fight. Now that hunters are incredibly hard to shake, getting any room to evolve is frustrating.

I’d rather see an increase in amount of food needed and then have the evolve time itself halved or something like that. Lets hunters try to stop the monster from evolving by shooting it but lets the monster actually get his stored evolve off. I’ve sometimes spent upwards of 5 minutes with an evolve to stage 2 stored up and just can’t get any space to do it.

Also not surprised Wraith is going undefeated. Personally I think the “Wraith is UP” is a myth, warp blast is far too good atm. Granted nerfing it would make Wraith UP but again I think we need to transfer power around. Personally I’d still love for Abduction to get some damage love since it’s her “hardest” skill. Then either the AoE or the force of knockback on warp blast needs to be changed.

Being able to have the AoE of aftershock on a teleporting monster (can appear right next to you) and hits for 60% of your HP is very strong. Played a game earlier as Wraith and it was kind of boring. Warp blast is easy to land, decoy fights for itself, supernova just involves spamming attack. Abduct is her only truly “skillful” ability IMO. Until warp blast is changed in some way at least.

Sorry for ramble, but those are my thoughts at least. The new patch is pretty good actually, recaptured some of the magic I’ve been missing these past few weeks. Had some good close games as Goliath. Keep it up, I’d love for Behemoth to be playable!


Possibly. But I can also tell you that I have an easier time aiming abilities as the monster with a mouse and keyboard. Probably a combination of the two.

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Ok double post but I think this needs to be said separately from my ramble. :stuck_out_tongue:

YES. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA. This is what I thought Evolve would play like and what it did play like when everyone was new.

This would be great. The fighting is fun but escaping is VERY VERY difficult. If there could be a way for monsters to get a temporary "reset hiding’ kind of thing where they can open up a nice amount of distance and hide between domes, this would be awesome.