Well this is just great...thanks steam


so amazingly the DLC content comes out early great that’s awesome I would love to play on my day off…but guess what…
steam desides to be a shitbag and not let me use steam in game community to purchase the DLC or even use shift+tab in general in evolve…and I mean JUST EVOLVE…since the update I cant use shift+tab at all just in evolve…of course murrys law can suck on a choad

anyone have a fix for this issue?? ive tried validating my game files, restarting steam, restarting computer… defrag… clean up…nothing works.


Library -> Right click evolve -> Properties -> General Tab there is a checkbox “Enable steam overlay in-game”.
You probably disabled it pre patch.


You’ll have to understand that the 2K games have not yet updated the Steam store. Allow up to 48 hours for them to work on the store as Valve also needs some time to verify the changes.