Well,This Happened



Watches video and slowly puts her hands on her head and drags them down her face

Uuuuuugggghh. Sad to say this is just business and timing issues, really, formerly poorly written press articles and the market’s already built-in ire over DLC content while not understanding the reason behind it in the case of Evolve. I’m not even gonna touch this one.


As much as I enjoy this guy’s content, this is the only video from him I’ve hidden in my Youtube subscriptions tab.
Real shame he doesn’t know the full story. :unamused:


I dislike people like this guy. But I gritted my teeth and watched all of it…just. I couldn’t hear much of what was being said though because everything just screamed “I wish I was Yahtzee”. I think his point was that he will willingly not try a game out because he is unable to ignore marketing practices?

Talk about really putting the cart before the horse.




Well damnit I always loved Jim’s contect but this one leaves me a little bit bitter. Evolve pretty much the only game I have been looking forward ever since it was announced and it didnt disappoint so far but he reaises quite some valid points. I’d love to see some of the Devs jump into this topic and argue things he said. Non the less they already have my preorder so meh.


While I didn’t like how people who Pre-Ordered Evolve on retail sites didn’t get access to the Wraith and third teir hunters it could be much, much worse. Hell, TRS is giving us free maps and they need to make up the money some where so of course the Hunters and monster may be a bit expensive. Hell, if this was activision… We’d be charging up the ass for both maps, Hunters and monsters.


So, this guy has a 9 minute video and his only complaint is “too much DLC”.

Who’s shoveling the bullshit now? Do people watching his videos know that youtube pays per time watched?
Whine about “holy shit they want to make money and are honest about it” all day, but I feel like his video is ripping me off more than TRS is with their DLC.


extreme sarcastic voice

I’m so glad the guy who made this video actually paid attention to all the information out there, and didn’t exclusively focus on the few negative points made by game journalism sites that bent the stories to sound aggressive

end sarcastic voice

While I agree that the special editions were hard to figure out, this guy completely ignores that all future content can be played with without purchase - it is only a question of play as. He literally ignored every positive point the game has to offer and gripped on the one small mistake in phrasing in one DLC related article turned into a **** storm, neglecting all clarification on the matter. In today’s market, I’d argue that Evolve has one of the most outright fair DLC structures ever made - the prices may be a bit high for my taste, but they are not unreasonable in implementation. That is a whole other discussion entirely though.

After all is said and done, from this video from in game chat during the beta, I can safely say that Evolve’s biggest weakness is miscommunication. The number of discussions I’ve had over the mic that resulted in “wait, what? why didn’t anyone ever say that?” was astounding. Everything from DLC structure to gameplay mechanics, people seem pretty content to make up and believe whatever they want, and somehow the myths seem to be spreading faster than the facts.


Jim Sterling has a serious bias against any DLC.

For a guy who has worked so long in the industry you’d think he’d understand that games have deadlines, and deadlines mean content gets cut, and now that content gets turned into DLC to extend the lifetime of a game.


Devs have argued the very basic and quite context-less points Jim makes before.

“Game was built for DLC” Uh, no, not exactly, the game was built to survive for a long time, with the game being coded in such a way that making new content, be it game modes, characters, monsters or maps, is something that doesn’t require the core game to be altered. It’s a shame really that something that is really a pride of development comment (modularising your code so that you can easily extend and scale your product) has been taken as intent to rinse people of money…as if people can be compelled to spend money they don’t want to spend.

It’s stupid because if a DB developer came out to the public and said “You know, we coded the model for the site you just made so you can add new types of products really easily to offer more range in our online store”, most people might not understand the big deal, but they’d accept that it’s probably a good thing that the system isn’t hamstrung by it’s closed development model in to not being able to expand to customer needs. But hey ho.

“Gamers just want to click and play” I don’t wish to be too insulting to people, but if you can’t read through the DLC options 2k has put forward and work out which one to literally click and then play (see this weekend) then you’re a moron. I understand people being a bit put back by the volume of the bundles being offered…but its one thing to be overwhelmed, it’s quite another to not make a single bit of effort to work out if it’s a bad deal or to just write it off because “I DON’T LIKE DLC BULLSHIT”

“I have no confidence in the games motives” paraphrase: ‘I have no integrity as a youtube gamer/reviewer to actually look in to what I’m talking about, I’m knee jerk dismissing something because I am not down with that kind of thing…whatever it is…assuming it’s actually like the thing I hate’

“A full priced retail game has been built from scratch to sell me more shit for as long as possible” I think this is just downright insulting to the devs and their vision. Maybe I’ll tell this guys mother that she produced a guy from scratch just to be shrill and judgemental for as long as possible. I’m sure Jim is a nice guy, and has good views when he decides to act with integrity, it’s funny what might lie mere millimeters beneath the surface of what appears to be a cesspool.

“when you’re having to make lengthy forum posts to defend your DLC strategy…” This from a guy who has a 9 minute video that has little content other than to call 2k and TRS dicks and moan about DLC and the AAA industry? Wow.



Yup, this.


The good news is that you can take a look at this guy and easily determine that “this isn’t the type of guy I’m going to listen to and take his opinions as gospel.”


I just have a feeling he’s biased against DLC because he’s fed up with games that have content made months before deadline cut out of the game and sold off as “DLC” (cough Destiny cough)


People here will bash this video like crazy. However, I agree with Jim. People don’t realize just how easy it is to alienate fans using DLC.


I think anyone who has been around Evolve knows how easy people can be alienated by DLC, but those people don’t seem to understand the alternative.

TRS were always committed to this project, they were going to always want to make it work for the long term. They and 2K announced this intention through the prism of DLC. The problem here isn’t the announcement it’s people’s inability to act maturely and understand what is being said. Hearing “DLC” and going off the deep end isn’t anything other than self-alienation.

So the alternative? Never mention DLC, never offer DLC as a pre-order bonus (a trade off that gives away future content so that information about playerbase and consumer potential can be gathered before release)…then what? In April TRS and 2K then announce out of the blue that they’re going to have a 4th monster. There’ll be a couple of new free maps, but the monster will be $15.

What will the response be? “Oh thanks guys, you didn’t sell this game based on DLC so now you’ve added DLC I will absolutely not jump to the same knee jerk assumptions that I would have if you’d said this before the game was released. Here, take my money, I love DLC in this situation!”

yeah, right. It’ll be cries and howls of BETRAYAL. Not greed or stupidity as is being said now, but actual betrayal. “You took our money and NOW you tell us we need to spend $15 to have all of the content? WTF?!” That sounds more accurate.

As Takran said, communication isn’t great here, but even good communication, even with the best timing, about the subject of DLC will have the boring and vapid minority masses of gamers, gamers that generally feel hard done by that they can’t buy a game and have a developer pump content to them for years without ever giving back anything else other than positive reviews, and wonder why independent game studios have to get absorbed or die in to the masses of big publisher business, out in force trying to bring the game down out of principled but misplaced spite.

tl:dr; entitled people that make a loud noise piss me off, and the notion that they wouldn’t be entitled and loud if we gave in to anything other than never giving anything but free or very cheap DLC is absurd.


As much as i have enjoyed evolve and look foward to the full thing…Jim is 100% right. The main problem i have are the DLC prices which are nothing short of a really unfunny joke.

Oh and while i don’t remember evolve doing it, when ever anyone does the whole “announce DLC/seaon passes before even showing the game” thing i think its disgusting and ridiculous.


Why is it disgusting, specifically?


Didn’t even look at the damned video. All these idiots saying this game is going to end up like Titanfall and shit like that. I don’t get why people find DLC such a horrible thing. If you want a game to die out because it never brung new content then by all means. Enjoy your abandoned game.

#Evolve however, will shine like a supernova on the edge of the universe.