Well, I've played the game, and... (TL;DR)


Alright. So, to anyone who had the privilege of reading my first and only thread post in here, I criticized the heck out of this game and its devs. In all honesty, I did so without having played the game yet.

Well, I purchased it a few days ago off of craigslist for $50 and have put in enough hours to achieve a top 1300 rank as the Goliath, with a 13-1 record and have played at least 5 rounds as each of the classes in hunterville.

I have to say, I really don’t feel like this game is worth $60, or $50 for that matter. It is absolutely NOT because it isn’t fun. I knew going in, and prior to my other post that the game was fun. However, the complete lack of variety in ranked matchmaking is so staggering, I seriously can’t believe this game was worth $60 from the get go. I checked into Evacuation and essentially found myself playing another spin on the standard Skirmish, which is fine, but it just reaffirmed my thoughts on how this game lacks any more personality beyond that of 4v1 strat vs brute.

Again, the formula for the base game mode is very fun and extremely satisfying, especially while playing as the monster. But honestly, aside from the solid polish, there’s nothing more about this game that speaks to being anything but an online multiplayer experience that could have simply been sold in the PSN Store for a $45 price tag at most. It’s extremely limited in variety, and it’s pretty disappointing. That’s after putting in quite a few hours in the three days I’ve owned this game.

Now, since this game was sold at full price, I really cannot see why in the hell they accompanied said launch price with so much DLC. With a full price on this game, everything developed for this game within the first six freaking months of its arrival should have been available. I’m saying that strictly from experience. With how much this game lacks in content, and how much it costs right up front, I seriously find it saddening TRS decided to attach a price to items that should have most definitely been integrated into the game.

The game is fun. But people will get bored, and while you think that DLC they offered is somehow going to stymie that boredom, I urge to you reconsider, especially when thinking about buying a game like this in the future, where DLC, though “not needed” (in your opinions), should still have been demanded within the confines of an overpriced product. This community will be a ghost town when people start to realize this game has less to offer than any $60 ever should.

I plan to sell my copy long before the resale value dips below %60 of what it costs brand new, but I’ll steal a few more hours before hand. Hope you guys bought your as hard copy, or just played it smart and waited… continue waiting, that price will drop eventually!

Anyway, there’s my case, in a civil yet persistent manner. Yes, it’s an opinion, but this is a forum, where we share opinions, or even opinions about opinions. Go ahead, share yours!

[Bring on the hate]


Well all the DLC at launch was cosmetic. The fourth tier of hunters and monsters are on their way. All new maps and modes will be free for players. Hunt is a great mode and having more modes doesn’t make it a better game. Most games end up having two or three popular modes to the vast exclusion of everything else.

I have played Evolve fire around 200 hours including that alpha and beta. People still Carte Blanche statements about a game that has been out only a week boggle my mind. I’m having lots of fun and wonder what TRS has next.


Well, like you said, that’s your opinion. Me? Personally? I’m still having a blast with this game, and I honestly think it’s been worth the 80 bucks I spent on it. First game I pre-ordered in 3 years too. I still don’t get why anyone would complain about the skin DLC though, it’s just cosmetics, and honestly most of them don’t even look all that good.


Yeah, I just completely disagree. This game has one mode, lol. Not two, not three, but one. The game is predicated on hunting, finding, fighting, ending. That’s it. That’s not bad! It’s just extremely limited. I have found more variety from indie titles than this game.

It looks pretty. It sounds immersive, and it feels exciting. It’s just so limited and lacks so much for how much I paid. I also don’t care about the whole, “cosmetic” thing, it’s DLC, that’s that. If you’re going to charge $60, then add DLC on top, cosmetic or not, then you’re actual product better have enough in it already, and this game does not, by a long shot.

The easiest job I have evaluating a price tag is by comparing and contrasting. When looking at a game like Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s PACKED with content. Maybe even too much! Now, completely different game type and genre. Absolutely. Looking at this from purely what a game has to offer though, and creating a relative price tag while keeping Evolve in mind, Dragon Age: Inquisition should be worth $300, at the minimum!

And yes, there’s some “stuff” on the way, but I hope it’s a lot of “stuff”. A forth monster? Sure, that’s a start. More maps and characters? Sure, we’re making progress. But how about some variety? How about something that goes a little more radically across the spectrum of game modes here where we can get away from focusing so much on a singular target and more on an objective.

The whole hunting concept is what this game was sold on. It inherently leaves this game susceptible to law of diminishing returns. People will grow bored, sooner than later, and you’ll realize why people Carte Blanche’d all those statements. The game gets dull, fast.

I’m not disputing it’s potential for fun, but $60 should keep it fresh for a longer duration than this game is really capable of being with the content currently available… It’s really not even close.


It’s worth noting here, I think, that the first definition of ‘Trolling’ I ever saw was “Someone who would visit the Jimi Hendrix newsgroup* to post the message ‘Hendrix Sucks’.”

That said… well, the game isn’t going to be for everyone. And it’s not going to keep it’s hooks in everyone, either. Some people will enjoy working out the depths and nuances of every character’s abilities, and finding the best way to use those against each matchup. Some won’t. I have the feeling that, like Titanfall, a lot of people will be declaring this game ‘dead’ even while a solid group of people remain playing.

Also, if you genuinely don’t wish to be a troll? You may be best served by not saying things like ‘The community will be a ghost town’ or ‘Hope you guys bought yours as hard copy’, since you (probably) know that’s the kind of thing that will get people on the defensive. It’s also not close to as polite a statement as you’re choosing to frame it as…

(* It was a long time ago. In a book, and everything!)


This is a new IP created by a small team. This isn’t a long time game like the dragon age series. It’s a great series but I put more time into MP then SP. More hunters, monsters, maps and modes are on the way.


I understand why someone would pre-order this game. Do I think it wise? Nope. I don’t find it wise for any game. The more we do it as consumers, the more Devs push for exclusive content only available at the point of launch. When people get suckered into the sentiment that they’ll only receive some particular item or DLC by pre-ordering, they’'re submitting to the notion that they can be bought by pre launch excitement, even if the product is shit.

While this game is far from shit, the business methods exercised by TRS and 2k really speak to their assurance that people can be swayed by marketing more than the actual products they put out.

If the full game was released, not a beta, but the full game, and people had the ability to play for 6 months straight, then asked as to how much they believe they’d be willing to pay for this game brand new, I guarantee $60 would be far above the average answer. $80 with the full allotment of DLC that comes with it today? No way. No way Jose.


If only you knew the ratio of others’ perception of me “trolling” to how much I really give a shit lol.

This is my opinion, and I’m frank when I speak.

(If I was trying to troll, I’d have picked up right where I left off a few nights ago.)


Oooooh! One of those forthright, frank speaking truth tellers!

Nice. I didn’t think the Internet had quite enough of those. ;p


Your wit isn’t half as good as your charm… keep working at it bud


I’m just saying, if you genuinely didn’t care about other people’s opinions, you’d not be tossing in disclaimers, ‘Just my opinion’-s and ‘hate on’-s.

Heck, if you didn’t care about our opinions, you’d not be posting here to begin with. ;p

Of course, it’s possible there’s only one opinion you really care about, but if that is the case, then there’s really no point in discussing something anyhow, huh?


I’m speaking in regards to people perceiving me as a troll. That much I really don’t give a shit.

Of course I wouldn’t mind hearing what people have to say regarding my thoughts, as long as what they have to reply with is credible and valid. I’m going to dispute anything that doesn’t align with how I feel because that’s just how I roll.

Disclaimer: idgaf :wink:


Fair enough. ^-^

I think the comparison to Dragon Age: Inquisition is an interesting one; it’s certainly true that DA:I packs more content into it than this game does. And content is not a bad metric to weigh a game by. But personally, I’ve always run the equation more on cost-per-hour. I fully expect to get about 40 hours out of Inquisition when I get to it- and I could get more out of it, if I wanted to - I just know that’s about my usual timeframe with a BioWare title.

And in terms of time, I fully expect to get at least as much out of Evolve - even sans DLC. I’ve already gotten a hell of a lot out of it, and I know there’s more for me to dig into. Heck, I’ve already gotten more time out of the game than I have from some other $60 titles I’ve bought.


I’m all for quality, which this game does have. That being said, it’s just not in the quantity it should be relative to its posted value.


Your thoughts are your thoughts, there’s nothing to say about them. Glad you enjoy the game, for however long that is. Glad that you’ll be selling the game to someone who might do it with less of a chip on their shoulder.