Well. I'll see you guys on monday: EDIT BACK


I mean not right now. It’s 1 right now, and I leave at 4, but, I figured I’d do something productive like sit around and talk to you guys.

As it goes, I’m heading off to Virginia tonight. For reference, I’m in Ontario. We got a fairly big drive ahead of us, but, the payoff? A couple of days to chill out with my girlfriend - Face to face, at last.

Course I don’t have a laptop anymore, nor am I skilled in the ways of hacking the netz so I can be online during that time. Thus, I’ll have my longest break from Evolve and the Evolve forums to date.

Also feels like I need to make up for lost time, so let me do that ahead of time.

Feel free, friends, to distribute these lines as nessecary…

To people who say the game is dead: Your statistics are flawed, and a game doesn’t die until people stop working on it.

To people who say this or that is OP: Yes, of course it is. And so is everything else, so shut it.

To people who are sick of me not rhyming: Sorry.

To everyone who claims that the game is definitely going to die because they’re pitting two characters with bugs against one another for the weekend challenge (which I sadly won’t get to be a part of, so i dont get a skin for my fave kraken ;-;): You’re an idiot. Half the reason they do these things is to gather info, so yes, it’s probably a good idea to gather as much info as possible like this on the two characters. Heavens knows the whiners don’t have the good will to play the characters often enough for TRS to test them normally.

To those of you who read that and say, “Huh, i didn’t think of that.”: OF COURSE YA DIDN’T YA MOOK!

If Sledgepainter goes insane and starts wrecking everyone, just approach her calmly and say: Hey there big guy, sun’s getting pretty low.

And to those of you who want to start doomsayer revolutions, I have not a statement for you, but instead, I shall bequeth unto you, by way of my associates, a boot to the head.

And another one for Jenny and the wimp.

And to Rapterror, I also bequeth unto you…

A boot to the head.

And another one for jenny and the wimp!

Anyways, I’m gonna miss you guys. ;-; KEEP EVOLVIN’.

…Also i’m still not leaving yet. That post killed maybe 15 minutes. Let’s chat.


I wish I could go see my girlfriend, but she’s very much in London at university whilst I am stuck in Georgia some 5000 miles away >_>. Go enjoy yourself and spend every single second with her! Literally! No bathroom breaks!


What city do you live in? I’m in Columbus, Ga


I plan to!

Gonna see AVENGERS, gonna record a scary LETS PLAY, gonna eat some SAAANIC, gonna share some KINDER SUPRISES that I bought earlier…

dorky stuff. :3


Albany, about an hour or so away from ya. I’ve been to Columbus once but that was like ten years ago. I don’t get out much XD

@mortalbound Jealousy jealous jealousy… What’s sanic and a kinder surprise? Dorky stuff is indeed the best though! Unfortunately my girlfriend is such a darn hard worker that she doesn’t get to realize her dorky side very much anymore XD gonna change that in a few years when she’s here (finally)!


I have been to Albany,once, when I was three…


Sonic - Girlfriend says it’s part of the american experience for a Canadian, to eat at Sonic. Dunno why.

And kinder suprises are tiny chocolate eggs with toys inside.


[quote=“mortalbound, post:7, topic:57625”]
american experience
[/quote] So the Giant cheeseburgers and monster trucks are like, 2nd and third place?


SONIC! Oh god yes eat it all I love sonic. Absolute best fast food place. I always get the chicken dinner from there… so delicious… mmm… go from 2:00 - 4:00 and you can get slushies and some other drinks for half price and corn dogs for 99 cents! It’s a darn good deal if you want some really cheap food!

Kinder surprises sound fun… I may have to invest for the future!


I’m canadian, don’t ask me about America!



…Um hows aboot that hockey,eh?


also illegal in the USA… D: I miss Kinder. I lived in canada when I was little.


I just got a bunch of ferrero truffles for my mom for mother’s day XD. I just realized you’re going to be there for Mother’s Day… if you know her parents, you may want to get her mom something :wink:


I get popcorn chicken, its pretty good


What about the voodoo skins! You are gonna miss it! Unless you gave someone you trust your login so they can play a game for you while you are gone…


[quote=“sfate, post:13, topic:57625”]


Kinder Surprise hold non-edible products within an edible product. That is illegal in the US. I forget all the details but apparently it is illegal to bring them across the border…


:’( #imhertbroken


…I hate everything.

How high a chance do you think it’ll be that they check for it?