"Well I guess if you want to win games..."


So I just got done playing a match as Behemoth. I managed to mostly juke the hunters with my speed perk, but they did get my health down with a few well-placed orbitals. I got up to full armor in stage 2 and took them on in a cave on the map. I managed to kill their assault first, then medic and trapper. I let the support go, leveled up to stage 3, armored up, and headed to the power relay. The relay was in a spot with a roof and a small staging area so I was able to defeat them relatively easy. The match ends and one guy says to me “Well I guess if you want games he is worth the extra $15 dollars…” and promptly leaves the party. So my thing is… wasn’t Behemoth called UP by so many for so long? I know we had the micro patch to fix his ability aiming and 2x damage glitch, but did that fix him so much that now he is OP? Is he so OP now that he is Pay-2-Win? I got him free with a pre-order bonus, by the way, so I didn’t even pay the extra $15, but now when I play Behemoth do I have to feel like I am cheating, like with pre-nerf Wraith? Or can I continue my Earthbending guilt free?


Continue guilt free. They’re just mad because you smacked them.

And to be honest Behemoth is still weak against a competent team.


They just salty, had people call Goliath OP cuz I won with 0 health loss and half of my armor intact


Some, well many, people are sore losers.



Behemoth is pretty balanced. Challenging you in enclosed spaces was a bad move on their part, and they weren’t mindful of the geography of the power relay. I agree with Roses - Behemoth is still hard to use against a good tam because it’s so terrain dependent.

Oh, and I play hunter, so please take it from me that you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about playing behemoth - or any monster, for that matter. I don’t think TRS is the kind of group to do such a rotten thing to their community. They seem to really value their players, and so they would never turn out a pay-to-win scheme.


If it’s in the game it’s not cheating.



Don’t worry, bitter losers will lash out and say anything to make themselves feel like less of one.


I’ll echo the terrain bit - Behemoth plays very differently in closed and open environments.


Behemoth OP ?? HAHAHAHA


people always say that like in mortal kombat why do you have to use goro and all of that bsif only they kenw how to block


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