Well guys... Grooveshark's been shut down... (and more depression)


So, one of the only websites I used to play music… has recently been shut down… I am legitimately bawling as I write this thread, as I have been for over an hour :cry: . On top of the normal things that make me depressed, I now have this to worry about… This was such a good website… and I hope we continue to remember it’s 10 year leacy. Go to : link removed by request To read their post on what happened… I just hope I can find another website… as good as this one… #RIPGrooveshark2015


Have you tried youtube? You can make playlists and stuff there too! Its what I do since I gave up on Pandora


Well then… I feel sad.


I’m sorry to hear this my friend :frowning: I know it is hard, but please try what you can to make up for the loss so you have less weighing you down. Spotify is an amazing program that allows you to make playlists and find other people’s playlists. There are lots of good lists out there if you don’t feel like starting your own right away.

I know from experience how hard depression can be and how it can seep into so many areas of life. If I can do anything to help, please don’t hesitate to message me.


Will try that.

@Skrewyluie Ikr…

@Hyble Thank you for the advice/help!