Well... about Slim's Gland. Info from Devs is welcome!

Slim’s Adrenalin Gland (AG) gives Slim a regeneration right during the battle, increases the speed and bla-bla-bla. Does that mean, I can take regeneration perks and when my AG starts all my Perks are going to start working? Slim is activating a regeneration of himself so maybe it’s not a healing (like PaPa’s) but regular regen? So that means that Regen Perks (which now also brings DR) are going to be useful on Slim? I know that regen perks don’t work in battle, but AG makes this process of regeneration start, isn’t?

As far as I know, the health regen perks don’t work during combat so I don’t think that it’s affected by AG. I could be wrong though.

Interesting theory. Can’t it be tested ingame ?

As far as i know, regen perk doesnet work only when you take damage. They are working when you are dealing damage

Hmm. I’ll test this. Lemme see what I can find out.

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It would be great if this worked on Laz when he cloaks. XD

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Pretty sure those perks add extra healing to your health regen. In other words they’re useless.


Regen perks work when you haven’t taken damage for the past 3 seconds just because you have a self heal that works over time doesn’t mean it’s gonna activate the health regen perks.


Since when do the health regen perks activate on damage?

He’s saying it works when you are dealing damage, not taking damage, which is correct.

You can be shooting Bob as Assault, for example, accidentally get clipped by Fissure or LB or what have you, and 3 seconds after the damage stops, you start healing while Bob is focusing your Medic and happily ignoring you while you tear into him.

That’s the strength of HP Regen, it’s not so much that it gives you a viable means to survive focus since other perks accomplish that far more effectively, but it gives you a way to say “Hey Medic/Support, I got clipped here, but don’t worry about Healing me unless I’m being focused, I got all Regen” and they’ll know “Okay, I don’t have to touch up the chip damage quite so often, good.” and focus on staying alive.

THat’s my thought process when I pick Health Regen anyways. More for alleviating the Medic’s load if I’m more than positive the Monster won’t really bug me until bad stuff has already happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Laz. I’ll always grab a little Regen at least with him on the team, too xD

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