"Welcome to the Game" can turn you paranoïd!


This game is like the perfect simulation of what could happen if you go in unknown and unsearched websites like the darknet ones.
I discovered it from Jackscepticeye, but fortunately I don’t have the game and I was looking only for videos of this game. I searched a bit of them and now I’m like listening what’s behind me, the night on my computer, wondering if somebody isn’t gonna grab my back (I’m currently typing at 01:00…ho putain).

The game consists of searching key codes in what’s called the “deep web”, and you need those key codes to enter a website called the “Red Room” for murder and torture purposes and it is open for only one month, so you have to hurry if you want to go there.
During your research, your computer will be hacked and sometimes tracked. You can counter the hacks with simple methods like typing shown words.
But the thing that will scare you the most in this game isn’t the fact that you are hacked, it’s the “urban legend” about kidnappers that tracks you and search around your house, what you have to do is to turn off the lights, not move a hair and stay silent for around 3 minutes. If you fail, he’ll appear right in front of you and kidnap you.

If you are interrested to play it, it’s 2$/€ and most people say it’s really worth it. But I won’t buy it because it scares me as hell to search in disturbing websites without a noise and turn paranoïd wondering if I’m beeing tracked.



That’s Jack’s video, yes.


yes its jacks video


:joy: I like the part where it explains how they will try to find him and kidnap him and he asks, “in real life?!?” Lmao