Welcome Our Newest Moderators


Today we’re happy to announce the addition of two Moderators to our growing forums!

If they weren’t already, @Brandini and @Plaff are now your new favorite people. We used several methods in determining who to choose, but most importantly, these fellows are fine examples of outstanding forum members.

How do I become a moderator? Being a moderator is a big honor and an even bigger responsibility. Anyone who treats others with respect and regularly contributes is in the running. As you know, us devs keep a close eye on the forums and who is on here!

Currently, we’re not looking for any other moderators, but that doesn’t mean we won’t need them in the future.

Treat your new Mods with respect and they will return the favor.


For honor!
Congratulations @Plaff and @Brandini !


Congratulations, and well-earned.


Congrats peoples!


Well, that just makes perfect sense by what I’ve seen round the threads. Kudos, folks.


Hello :smile:

I’ve seen Plaff everywhere on the forums while I was lurking all these weeks. I think his is the only name I remember lol


I used to just have a standard b on my profile, but once i realized i was gonna be a mod, i realized i needed something with more taste. And thank you all for all the congrats


Nice!!! Thanks for being here @Brandini and @Plaff!!!


I am really glad those two have become the moderators! Very well deserved! #Jealous


Good choices. Both are active, respected and sensible.


@Plaff Looks like your ninja skills are put to good use! congratulations!

I have’t seen @Brandini yet, but congratulations to you too! You both will be great!


Im actually on all the time lol, i think its my new profile pic


Congrats to both of you, you guys are a big help to the forums! :smile:


Kind of surprised @SlinkyGuy wasn’t included but congrats to @Plaff and @Brandini.


From what i can tell, it was quite close between me and Slinky. It’s funny because i already knew plaff would be the other moderator even before getting told lol because, well, he’s plaff lol.


Like my uncle told his boss ones “your seat looks comfortable I will sit in it soon”
P.s. all are friends… till proven otherwise.


Gratz on becoming Mod @Plaff and @Brandini

Suprised @FrontlinerDelta wasn’t made mod too :smiley:


Wow! Congratulations to you both! I am really really happy about your new roles, you’ve both given so much to this community and it’s only going to get better as time goes by. It’s fantastic you guys have got this responsibility and I couldn’t have made a better choice myself, so well done! :smiley:

Oh! Well thank you for the thought! :blush: As much as would have liked to have been, I know these two will do a better job than I would! Besides that though, this forum is not exactly crammed with a ton of people as of yet, so I think two moderators would be enough for now and you’ve got the developers on the line as well so they’re around too! I think once the game is released and this forum will be filling up with new members then we may need more but we’ll see anyway! :smiley:


I think me and @Brandini have some say in who the next one could be (if there needs to be one), and you’re at the top of my list so far. I’ll definitely be recommending you if we’re asked :slight_smile:


Ah well thank you very much! Let me just say you two were always at the top of my list anyway and look where you are now! :smiley: