Welcome Abe to the hunter's (new reveal!)


I have just watched the new reveal on the new hunter Abe, pretty exiting to see a new play style introduced. I was a little disappointed with his overal look as he kind of looks like a younger version of Griffin, but im really exited to see the other reveals hopefully turtle rock are doing weekly reveals now?
What’s your thoughts on Abe guys?

Evolve: Abe the 3rd Trapper Revealed - IGN First: http://youtu.be/vNievNcfd60


People are discussed abe a lot on these 2 topics :slight_smile: :


but imo his tracking dart seems kinda strong, once hit you won’t lose him.


I wonder how long the tracking dart stays active for?


It’s probably up for about the same amount of time as Buckets mark… so about a minute or something. I like the grenades more though. Sluggish Kraken is sluggish… and also very unhappy.


45s, as far as I know ^^


45s seems fair and not too much of a huge disadvantage for the monster player


Not a fan of the design. Representation-- ALL of the male characters are older ‘caucasian’ men with facial hair, presumably older men past their 30s with an ‘intense’ facial expression and either a beard or mustache, or bald and seem to lack diversity in all regards.

L4D had a diverse cast of characters from the start ranging from all ages and ethnicities that immediately caught the players attention and hearts-- where is that in Evolve? Understandably they are HUNTERS meant to be rugged, but these Hunters come from different walks of life, literally (different planets, living situations I’m presuming). The Women and non-humans of the game all emit a distinctly different personality and look. Val and Mag are direct contrasts in many different ways such as attitude and looks. The humanoid men? All bulky, armored, and, well, older gentlemen who seem to have not much difference than a color and gun swap. Assuming that they all come from different planets and walks of life, these men could be made charming, rude, gruff, quiet, focused, and so on. A handsome trapper from Venus? Easily could trap the hearts of the players through a design that reflects that! A hardened assault hunter from Mars itself? As rugged as the sands and climate within it! SO many design opportunities I feel are being missed.

Will this break the game? Of course not, no. I feel that the design team has done an outstanding job in creating a game that injects personality and life that those who play it can relate to and even grow to appreciate if they have not. However, I feel the design falls immediately flat when you look at the male hunters. Falling short of much physical difference, these characters also seem to lack personality (with the exception of Lazarus, who is morbidly charming). Even from the start (early alpha footage and design), the cast of L4D cast distinctive differences between all the hunters which catered to many different niches and playerbases that the game would attract. Evolve does not yet seem to have reached that point.


Yea, I think they said buckets dart is like 15 seconds and Abe has 45 so it’s harder to find the monster but once you do it’s much easier not to lose him. You can also tag unlimited wildlife.


Markov Russian guy electric equipment armor
Hyde British guy gruff sweaty tank top
Parnell African American very heavy soldier body armor

Maggie survivalist middle of the jungle woman that scares Hyde
Griffin Famous Australian game hunter
Abe Wildwest gunslinger

Caira yet to be seen seemingly normal Caucasian woman (who has been mentioned to have very likable entertaining persona)
Val Military/serious tough
Lazarus Nearly mad scientist German guy

Hank Hold ma’ beer older biker/mechanic
Bucket a frigging cultured British robot
Cabot yet to be seen but visually pretty standard guy

And that’s just very superficially, as you stated they aren’t really from Australia or Germany but other planets and from what I’ve seen/heard have much more rich backgrounds and personalities than just some middle aged white guys.

L4D1 had a Vietnam vet, an office worker, I forget Zoey’s specific background, and biker guy.

I just don’t think they “fell flat” as much as you’re making it sound


Abe seems pretty sweet! I was hoping they would give a hunter a shotgun too.

Are there other reveals of the other 3rd tier hunters?


Only abe has been shown, the other video contains a few teases about gamemode and hunters.


They should be showing them off throughout November


Is it just me or are the devs secretly using ideas of ours to make new hunters? Many people have suggested some sort of dart that can infect wildlife with a tracker dart or a poison. Myself included. I actually suggested the Assault having a shotgun and a Rocket Launcher.
Hunter Ideas
So, I have a question for the devs. Have any other hunter/ monster suggestions caught your attention and may use later on? If so, could you say which?


All jokes aside, the ideas for the hunters are created months if not a whole year before they even show something to the community :slight_smile: takes a looong time to create them.


Why is always big black guy’s in games have to be African American? Like come on do a black dude with a British accent or something different! Lol


For the record I would be happy to donate my voice and body to base model a new hunter on! :wink:


rct. twice today.

you’re literally killing me. <_>

The llama-nooty


Cabot wears a cool leather bomber-jacket, it seems :wink:


Let me just put this into perspective:

Out of the 9 released characters,

7 are male, and 2 are female.

Out of these 7 male characters, 6 are ‘white male protagonists’, and 1 is a non-human.

Out of the 2 females, one is ‘african american’ and one is ‘caucasian’.

You can see where representation is lacking EASILY just from that.

Here’s another game, Overwatch, and their characters.

Out of the 12 released classes,

6 are males, 3 of those males are not human, 3 are mixed ethnicities who seem to represent asia, europe, and (the realm of death).

6 are females, one is indian, one is (presumably) asian, one is an unnatural assassin, one is a Valkyrie, one is an asian, one is a super soldier, and one is a robotic monk.

I’m just saying, that the cast of Evolve does NOT seem as diverse and this is from a very general look. Representation is critical especially in games involving mixed casts and Evolve does not seem to have this, especially when 4 of the major protagonists seem very alike from a first glance. The developers at turtle rock are creative and can infuse their characters with personalities that can win hearts and win disdain from the players alike. However, as some one who has seen their past work, the cast of Evolve is disappointing given the setting where planets and personalities can really shine, and this stands out even further when placed next to competition such as Overwatch.


I feel the same way, don’t get me wrong I love Evolve and the turtle rock team and the gameplay is awesome, but like you said with such a rich diverse setting where humans are strewn across multiple planet’s I think the racial/ethnic classes could have been a bit more creative than generic African American guy or big Russian dude.
I really hope turtle rock brings out some real wild cards in future dlc.