Weirdest Lennox bug I've ever seen

Was playing some Lennox and the monster managed to knock me into a wall and get me stuck. Couldn’t move an inch or use Thunderstrike. Decided to swap to another character for a while, but when I swapped back to Lennox…


Basically I could only move by using the knockback from her autocannon, which was actually pretty fun. I was flying all over the place, trying to boost up walls and hover above the ground. Just a shame the monster had to go and destroy the relay :frowning:

(note: this is not intended to be a bug report, more of a funny moment I wanted to share)

  1. You are lucky you can switch to Assault! I’ve never been able to!
  2. This is hilarious, I wonder what that Bot had been doing all that time
  3. Can you do this in a normal game?
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It was a solo game, so I could switch to any bot I wanted…

I’d love to try and replicate it though. It was vs a Bobcicle at the bottom of the map, near the DR buff spawn. I’m sure you know which big pillar I’m referring to.


Tagging @ 2K Support!

Oh wait… Do they even care?


Probably not


I already got this bug reported a few months back; I’m actually kinda happy to see it’s still here tho bc it’s pretty fun! XD

It should work whenever you’re playing as Lennox in a Solo mode if you want to try it out again! c:
(Never worked when in online modes back when i tested it, but ya never know!)

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