Weird Things You have done when chasing the Monster


One thing is to use Torvald, go to a high cliff, use his “Frisbee” and jump off, spin at max sensitivity, and throw it and see how far it goes, like discus. It looks pretty funny from a 3rd person view or a perspective from a different hunter. I do that with Lenny and her thunder child


I stare at Gobi intensely…


I sometimes make a Gobi screeching sound myself


I watched the Anus plant breathe xD


Thats a good name, like me saying of Armor Reducer is Kala’s seducer


Had a full blown argument with a friend about the game UI while his brother just sighed constantly. We lost that match funnily enough…


I get immense comfort out of watching Kala her arm move and occasionally twitch. Damn interesting. Also helps me calm down before a relay fight


I like flicking her wrist a lot lol


I used Orbital Barrage to boost myself.
I got good at it, too.
Like really good.

And then I got salty when I found out they completely butchered this tactic in Stage 2. Not nearly enough knockback anymore.

There is(was?) a Quick Switch exploit to let Torvald throw his frisbees at a very quick rate. I used it to throw them up in the air and look like a juggler.

And then of course there’s rope skipping at the Relay using Hank’s or Val’s beam while you wait for the Monster.
There’s a hilariously large amount of teams doing it.


I like to jump of cliffs as val and pretend I’m Gobi and squack .


As hyde when im right up the monsters ass in the chase an he runs through some birds any they take off squawking, i stop chasing, jetpack after the birds an melt them an watch them fall back to the ground…reminds me of Pyrrhas death in RWBY…ahhhhhh lolz


@Shunty and I do great Koreign accents…


Mine’s Japanese, but whatever.


They sound the same


That’s racist!


Your racist!


No I ain’t!


Oh hey… could you tell the guys that I kinda shattered my phone in a million pieces?


Yes, how did this happen though?

  • Be Me

  • Shingling on roof

  • Leaning against roof

  • Get down for lunch break

  • Take out phone to look at time/browse forums

  • Cri al de tyme.