Weird static noise when I plug in a headset


So, on my new computer I basically can’t hear anything. This is because whenever I plug in my headset a weird static noise occurs. It’s driving me insane and I’m legit thinking about selling my monitor to get a BenQ one with speakers. Anybody know how to fix this?

Incase it’s important, I am downloading some things right now.

Windows 10 Operating System with i7 Quad Core.


Sounds like perhaps your headphone input isn’t wired in properly?


Well the static goes away whenever sound is over it but more often than not I don’t have anything playing.

Guess I just have to deal with it and use my headset as a speaker.


So correct me if Im wrong.

You are plugging your headphones to your monitor?
Solution: use the plug from motherboard (bright green one in the Mobo) / Alternatively if the chord is short, you can use front plug-in in the case if it has one.
Cause: Its probably electric interference. So, whether headphones or the monitor is broken and you can claim warranty. At least remove all electronic pheripherals which are right next to the plug-in. (you can even try to turn off the monitor speakers, just a long shot but they might have something to do with it)

What makes me wonder is that does the sound really go away when you are playing something or does the sound simply cover the noise?

Anycase, use different plug.


I am using the motherboard one (monitor doesn’t even have one).

It covers it up to the point that I can’t hear it.


Good because then it is probably what I tought.

What you want to do next is get a spare headphones and see if the problem persists. (its probably broken headphones).

Let me know how it goes.


Already tried with the spare headphones. Still has static. It’s something wrong with the computer that’s causing this.


Mmkay… I was hoping its the headphones :frowning:

Does the motherboard have front plug-in for sound to try out?

Are there some equipments next to your PC that might interfere? (such as any electric equipment)

There is very high probability that you cannot do anything else than claim warranty. Its most likely something to do with Motherboard.

Its pretty normal that there is little interference but for it to be noticeable is rare and usually result of malfunction. (I can hear that interference when Evolve map is loading for very brief period, then its settles down)


Sad really.

Spent $2000 on this thing only for it to be half finished. Fuck this shit computer. They’re probably going to tell me that I have to pay extra for them to look at it. Going to return it and buy a different computer from a different store.

I’m so done.


It’s either going to be a faulty part, which “they” can’t be blamed for, you’ll get it looked at, they’ll change the part on warranty and it won’t cost you anything (or shouldn’t), or it’s a problem that has come from their build with a faulty connection in which case they should still sort it out for free; going and getting a whole new computer is a very extreme way of getting it solved :slightly_smiling:


I know the feeling, if it helps you at all its not really anyone´s fault.

Ive had that several times with different parts. They are usually malfunctioning right away or briefly after the usage has started.

I dont think they will charge you extra. As long as they can replicate the problem there as well, they are simply going to swap new Mobo. I dont see it as a reason to swap stores, as its just matter of bad luck and you are as probably of getting new malfuntioning part from the new store as you are from the current.

Do you have to send it by mail?

PS. Is there front plug? (because there is a real possibility that it might work without any problems. I had Mobo like that I didnt want to go through returning by mail and the wait. I used the mobo´s soundplug for several years without any problems).


I got a store to build it for me. It’s there fault if they did their shit wrong or didn’t try out the computer beforehand.


If you go in with that attitude I imagine they will make it pretty clear that there wasn’t anything wrong before it was shipped and that you introduced the problem somehow.


I’m just angry right now. The problem is legitimately getting worse, I can hardly hear anything now.

And would you look at that. Evolve just got finished downloading and I have 3 hours of spare time to play it.

Shame I can’t hear shit, though.


Do you have a front audio jack? Most PC cases do.


There is one jack, one single jack, which is the front one. I’ve tried using the microphone jack and registering it as a headset and it still has a lot of static.

I just checked if Evolve finnaly finished that god damned one percent and guess what? It’s downloading at 5 kbs per second. Honestly don’t know why I bought a new computer.

My iPad has a better download speed than this.

I can’t handle this piece of shit anymore. Not going to have this blue glow in my room until this gets fixed.

I have officially shut down my computer until who knows when.


So, dude… you don’t really know much about PCs it seems… download speed is nothing to do with your PC.

It is also 99.99999% impossible that you don’t have a rear audio jack (it’ll have a green connection point), so please check that again. If you’re using the front jack and that is creating static then I would totally understand that as it’s one of the easiest points of failure in wiring

Edit: In short, me and @heppi are trying to help, you need to calm down and actually try to let someone help you rather than throwing a tantrum.


The Matrix CS-13 does not have a rear jack. It has one headphone jack that is at the front. Using my headset on the back microphone jack doesn’t work either. ~sigh~

Anyways, technology has been ruined for me tonight. Imma log out for the day now…


The matrix is your case, the mobo itself has an audio jack. You have a Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2PV,

To the right of the ethernet jack and USB ports are 3 inputs that are color coded. Try the green one.


This is the rear of my computer.

These are the jacks. There is no audio jack.