Weird Place


I’ve crept these forums since I first found them. Now a new game is out and I look forward to seeing the community grow. Just came to say thanks to all the super dedicated members and mods who are always consistent. Even when the game first dropped and even after stage two when the forums were packed. I have a picture saved on my phone of a screen full of posts, “if I see a wraith I’m quitting” “if I see a Lazarus I’m quitting” this has always been a great forum.

Now can we start badgering TRS to clean up the leftover Evolve architecture? There’s nine different Evolve subcategories and the general category is for “all things TRS and Evolve” when there should just be the one. It peeves me.



Hello and welcome back(?). First off I edited your post because it’s not really nice to say things about people in such a manner and call them out. Second, I would imagine that maybe the posts are there for remeniscings sake, or for the few that still play Evolve. I think it’s upto TRS as to whether we remove the posts or not, but we do have a L4D section on the forums too, which makes me think that we’re going to involve and integrate all games made by TRS on the forum.



Just last week the devs started making some changes to clean up the forums, however with GDC I believe that people have been busy with that. I’m sure that the forum will continue to get further attention and restructuring in the future.



Well she was a hilarious shit poster and newb stomper, OG, Val extraordinaire. Got banned for it and un-personed, so not exactly calling anybody out but I’m a crude human by nature so if mods can edit decency into me then maybe I’ll make more friends…

Anywho, I’m sure TRS is on it because their forum design is second to none, still, not something they should sleep on what with a new game coming out. They still have a subcategory for Evolve bug reports and not for nothing but I market for a living and they should not have a subcategory for Evolve bug reports. Sorry, I’m hyper argumentative to a fault, like, why put a question mark on my welcome back when I’m a colonist???