Weird Parnell visuals bug + Super Soldier bug [PC]

I encountered an odd bug with Parnell today, I joined mid match as Parnell, swapped over to the bot support to give the trapper a boost as Sunny, and when I switched back Parnell was holding his guns further away from him than normal (I don’t know if it was like this before I hotswapped because I didn’t look). Also while super soldier was on cooldown or in use, it showed that it was fully reloaded, when it should’ve been emptying or reloading its capacity.

Parnell’s shotgun normally

Parnell’s shotgun with the bug

Parnell’s launcher normally

Parnell’s launcher with the bug

I took the pictures of the normal looks of the weapons in the match directly after the bugged match.

A. Thats actually quite strange and I haven’t seen it before…
B. Taking screenshots midfight as assualt #Savage AF

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İnteresting! :assault:

This bug often occurs when you’re hot swapping then pushed back to your main character when a player joins the hunt.
You can fix the HUD bug by letting the bot play with the “Take a break” option, and then taking control over bot immediately.

I found however an other bug with the super soldier ability: sometimes when you trigger it, you have the super soldier visual effect and aura but no fire rate, speed nor jump increased.
I thought it was caused by Slim’s healing drone, but it occured with any medic in the past few weeks.

Maybe this bug is already known and will be fixed in the 11th august patch, I don’t know :monkey_face: