Weird monster physics


I’ve run across this a couple times while playing monster. I’ll be leaping/dashing, and all of a sudden go flying across the map as if I’d been hit by vortex. It’s happened as goliath and as kraken. It usually happens when I play goliath, and I may have somehow vortexed myself as the kraken, I’m not sure.

I haven’t figured out exactly how to reproduce it, but when it happens it usually allows me to travel 4 or 5 times the max distance I would normally get out of a leap.


not sure about goliath. but as kraken i always thot i planned this lol. what i do is jump back and then vortex towards the hunters while holding the jump. the kraken GOES FLYING LOL. i thot it was a technique he could do on purpose.


Happened twice in a hunt match on Fusion Plant earlier for me as well. Stage 3 Goliath, leaped and touched a wall, suddenly I bounced off it and was rocketed half way across the map.