Weird Kraken Traversal Leap


Just something I noticed for a while when I play Kraken on xbox 1 but when I use my transversal and I just hit something Kraken instead of flying does a (as I like to call it) Super Leap and it acts like a Goliath Leap as it leaves no trail and his falling animation plays
I dont have a picture :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s quite common happens to me like five times a game.


It’s quite amazing when you go to fly out of the dome, and due to elevation you go flying over halfway across the map… :laughing:


Same here…also happens to me with Goliath…along with leap smash (does animation but doesn’t go anywhere)


I hate it because it disorientates me and I’m usually using an ability and trying to engage or something.


I saw a Kraken traversal once and just slide across the floor out of the dome we threw, yesterday.
Then again it was on distillery, maybe the floor was just slippery.


TRS Please try to fix this if BUGS me a lot


Is everyone experiencing this on XBoxOne? Just want to make sure I have all the data right! :smile:


Does this description kinda sound like what you all are experiencing?


Yes… Sounds accurate


It even happens with short jumps which make you skid around the map, it’s like slipping on ice. Especially annoying when it makes you miss shooting Vortex in fast, low sweeps.
I think it happens on the ground too.


Thank you! I will log it with the reported bug!


thanks this bug ruins the times when I play Kraken