Weird idea with Caira's grenades


So, what if it’s just Caira and (Random Assault) left in a match. Assault get’s pounced, and the dropship still has 30 seconds remaining. Could Caira spam her healing grenade for 30 seconds to keep assault alive instead of doing damage to get Assault freed? I know that doesn’t really make sense, but the Monster is LOCKED in that animation, so wouldn’t that literally buy them the 30 seconds they need. ((Or maybe longer))


I think the damage output is more than the healing.


Most likely not. If the Assault used shield at 0 HP it might work. However, pounce damage is hard to heal through. It also depends on what Stage the monster is because I’m pretty sure Pounce damage goes up as well, but not 100% on that.

Also, you can always ‘get off’ early by hitting the sneak button when pouncing someone.


YOU CAN!? Holy fuck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spammed EVERY BUTTON except B trying to get off of a Hunter, only to take a fucking orbital to the face.

Thank you.


Spam grenades
Use heal Burst when Reloading
Assault uses shield when low.on health.
Grenades heal while shield is up.
Buys you time.
Oh and don’t forget to use adrenaline when assault dies.


Ya, I didn’t figure it out at first. I’m like, get off, there are missles coming to harm my face… GET OFF :stuck_out_tongue: I will double check which button it is otnight, but I’m 100% sure it’s either attack or sneak, pretty sure it’s sneak though. (Sneak is my right mouse button) so pressing those two took me off.


Well, I’m pretty sure it’s sneak too. I remember pulling the trigger (which is attack for me) a million times and then getting lightning fried mine-pancakes placed around me as I fail to move.


I always hold down the attack button when doing a pounce attack, releasing it disengages the attack. Never had a problem with figuring out this stuff.


It is sneak.