Weird Glowey Spots of Gloweyness?


I’ve been wondering this FOREVER but I keep forgetting to ask… I’ve seen these on most maps, with all monsters, and like… What are they?


Evolve spots I believe.

As in, where the monster staged up


Those are not Evolve spots. If you notice, there are three different ones pictured here. Also, I know what Behemoth’s evolve bubble looks like.


I think it’s a bug, I’ve been seeing them in the Murder Pits.

Maybe it only happens in the Broken Hill maps?


Yea I’ve been wondering what they are too, they aren’t evolve spots so I dunno what they are


I’ve seen them on Fusion Plant, Refueling Tower, Medlab, and Aviary as well as BH Mines and Foundry.


Oh, those things. Wierd arent they.


yeah those have been around forever Ive always wondered what they are I knew they weren’t evolve spots because it would be all bubbly and stuff but possibly alien fireflys


Then it’s a bug that occurs in each map.

Was the Monster Bob for you? Just in case.


Yeah, but I’ve seen them with every monster but Meteor Goliath. Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Behe, Gorgon…

To be honest, I thought it was just fire that didn’t render properly or something, but I’ve seen the particle effects over fire and those are definitely not then.


Then yeah, must just be a bug in each map with each Monster.


I moved it to bugs, just in case.


I’ve always wondered what these are. They tend to appear in places where the monster has used an ability (well for me anyway).


Any specific monster? I first noticed them while fighting a Goliath some time ago, but I’ve found that it’s not limited to him.


I think it’s normally with Behemoths or Goliaths.


I used to think these were places the monster had attempted to evolve and canceled.


That’s a lot of cancelling.


I’m pretty sure they aren’t.


I think these spots are in conjunction with Evolving but dunno how.

Like I know that at times I’ll see these spots in Arena where the Monster starts as though it was a Stage 1 then through Voodoo Magic it hits Stage 2 right away.

It has to do with Evolves just unsure how or why.


What monster were you fighting? I always get these with behemoth - I think they are created when bob goes into a ball and bumps into terrain at the same time.