Weird bug about the Tier 3 DLC


So, like the main thread suggested I already reported this to the 2K support but I’ve never seen that specific problem, figured it was worth a topic.

So I’ve bought the Digital Deluxe edition and got the Tier 3 characters with it. I played them all before - Including Cabot. I can still access Caira but NOT Cabot. Says I have to unlock him first. I somehow feel like there’s a bug with this specific character rather than the DLC, so I figured I’d report it here. Cheers!


Have you checked other T3 characters to see if they are still locked?

Side note: Just in case anyone reads this, by Tier 3 DLC he means early unlock, not that you have to buy Tier 3 to play them. You can unlock them normally by playing. I only say this because of this thread -> Interesting DLC misinformation anecdote


Yeah, I did state that I already played with all of them and can still access the other Tier 3 characters. Just not Cabot for whatever reason.


Sorry, missed that part. It is odd that it is only affecting one character, I know in the pinned thread about known issues, this is listed there.