Weird BLack HoLes


Been running into these weird black things since the last patch. Not sure where they’re coming from.

shows up gray here


Read this as weird black hoes, was very confused.


fixed it 


Well now I pronounce it Ho-less… Great


Yep. That’s a problem. It looks like some of the game’s textures aren’t displaying correctly. Probably a weird PC glitch. Only thing I can think of to fix this is to re-install the game.


Mmmm, yes, back holes are awfully weird in a game like this.

I’ve been seeing them too, it’s not just him. I believe when they’re showing up, they show up for everyone in the match.


Did… did you lick it?


… fixed…


I’ve had them show up in one of my games before. Had 3 of them that I saw, pop into the map after the monster evolved I believe. I’ve seen like 2 other people say they’ve had this problem.


I’ve been seeing these things pre-spawned on all kinds of maps since the 2.0 update:


These are on defend, they might be the minion spawns


No, I’ve been seeing them in hunt as well.


The minion spawns are dark clouds with green energy flowung around them.

Also, @Andrew, have you tried walking into them? I’m curious as to what happens.


I had a big row of those black texture-less things while on defend, there were maybe six of them in a horizontal line across the road. I’m on Xbox One by the way.


It’s the future.
Just don’t question it and it won’t hurt you.


They’re all over the place at random and on other game modes. I’m thinking the black boxes might be an unintended consequence of removing them.


Were you fighting Behemoth when you found these? I’m pretty sure they’re left behind by something (I’m not sure what) he does.


They would spawn at the start of the match at random, not where Behemoth was. Those pictures were from the initial spawn on Defend - the counter starts at 6:10. There was briefly a bug where Monsters sometimes spawn at the same place, but this wasn’t one of those times. I also encountered them in Hunt matches in places where no Monster had been yet.


I agree with @UseYourMonocle I watched a Behemoth do a Fissure and something else at the same time, and it caused this orange cloud to remain where he stood.

These orange firey clouds are much different from the dark lightningy clouds minions spawn from.


It very well might be a visual effect associated with Behemoth - it only started with 2.0 update - but they spawned at the start of matches at random and not just against Behemoth, as I’ve explained. I haven’t seen them in awhile personally, but my thoughts are that the black boxes are caused by the fix that removed them.