Weird Al Songs


With the code giveaways going on I thought it would be nice to calm down and share some Weird Al songs for a few laughs. Who is Weird Al? Watch this first video and you will understand. More videos will be posted if topic catches on. Enjoy!


I know all the words to “Amish Paradise” ha ha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Try listning to all 4 songs at once. So chaotic! I can’t handle it! [dies from brain explosion]


(Added Amish Paradise and Party in the CIA)


These are by far my favorite in awhile…


(Added Word Crimes and First World Problems) More tomarrow! Got to have a reason to come back here.


I’ve seen Weird Al in concert twice, and both times were amazing. I’ve been a fan of his since before CDs were around. :wink: He is a true musical genius. It’s amazing how he can parody ANY genre of music and have it be good. Plus, he doesn’t have the normal idiotic lyrics that most one-hit-wonder parodies have. He gets creative with his wordplay, and doesn’t resort to simply making a song obscene.


I freakin love Weir Al! I already know all the clips you linked, but thanks anyway!


More later today! Sorry but I have to go to school. :frowning: Stupid reading assignment.


My favorite Weird Al song of all time was “Yoda”
Link to unofficial video: Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda

Of the new songs I have to agree with @egp_mass. Word Crimes and Tacky (in that order) are, in my opinion, the best of his newest work. :slight_smile:


I think Word Crimes is his best yet.


You guys have all seen UHF, right? RIGHT???


Cannot be a Weird Al fan and not watch UHF


I can’t watch Amish paradise without thinking how much he looks like Stephen Colbert


Same here lmao. I always sing along to it. Not a super big fan of his other work the way I am with Amish Paradise, but they are almost always worth watching


Alright, all of them do look weird.


(added Fat and Preform This Way) Be prepared; I warn you with viewer discretion before watching Prefrom This Way.


My favorite of his is Ebay, because it relates so much to me…sorry, couldn’t find an official, nice video.


…I guarentee someone knew I’d look at this.


Perform This Way is one of my favourite Weird Al songs :wink: