Weekly Streamed Dev Games?


@DamJess and @Chloe I know it has been mentioned… But is there anyway us fans could get like maybe an hour or two a week(Maybe Friday or Saturday?) where the you devs play a few rounds of Hunt? It could be streamed on Twitch.tv/EvolveGame and you could possibly spoil us highly devoted fans with maybe a spoiler or two to fantasize about? :wink: Also, there would be the opportunity to reward some of us amazing, loyal fans with some bonuses or prizes? :smile:

To be honest though, if we just got to see a couple of rounds of Evolve every week, I am sure that would be enough of a prize to make us all SUPER happy!!! :smile:


This still sounds awesome to me, would love to see more dev matches with mixed tier hunter teams, so far I can only remember seeing 1 such match which had Hank but no Bucket. I’m kinda sad that we know more about the teir 2 hunters than the originals


This sounds great, I cant see why not.

I’d love to see how the 2nd batch of hunters deal with Goliath, and how the first batch deal with Kraken, and how mixed teams work out.

Or just most gameplay in general.


I’d like to see some more dev gameplay as well. I just hope it isn’t too much to ask and doesn’t cause any issues at Turtle Rock


I mean usually game studios have media content creators, and we know @DamJess is the Community manager, and I think we will all allow Jess to take a break from being our insider detective and cool forum buddy to let her play a few rounds of Hunt for us to watch :blush: So I think they should have at least 5 ppl with an hour on their hands to play a round or two. Also, there is scheduled Play Tests, which we would ALL just absolutely go ECSTATIC over if we could see, because I am sure there would be so many spoils packed in those :trollface:


I don’t think there should be anything spoiler-y involved, some of us don’t want to have all of the secrets revealed before release.

They should only show what they officially reveal.


I don’t think they will…but w/e I’d like to watch anyway.

Marketing style seems to push away from over exposure…maybe they’re worried people will get bored of a limited amount of content or something who knows.


Agreed. I’d prefer to just see what we already know. I think if we’re gonna get anything new revealed then it needs to be done properly where we get videos, explanations etc. Like when the second tier of hunters were revealed


I’m really into livestreams. We’re building the plans now for these sort of events, hopefully we can share news soon!


The suspense! -rips hair out- I am really glad to hear that Jess! We are all looking forward to seeing more Evolve asap!


I’m on board with livestream feeds!


I am also onboard for live stream or not videos from you guys! @DamJess


I would like this also.


I bet you just want this so you can show off on stream :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways yes this would be awesome looking forward to it if you guys do it.


Looks like this is going to actually happen! :smile: Thank you guys! You really are the nicest Dev team I have seen when it comes to reaching out to your fans. :heart_eyes:


Defo do a match with goliath and the first set of hunters.


Heh. These sorts of things, I don’t get to make decisions on. All I can do is support the idea and bug people about it every now and then and hope they come around to liking it. :wink:


Nagging is such a wonderful tool in the workplace :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Who is the big boss in charge then? I figured it was you and @SlabOMeat since you two were the Co-Founders when TRS broke off from Valve… :confused:


Honestly that’s what I thought as well, and as far as I’m aware none of the devs on here are against it so my only other guess would be people in 2K? I’d personally love to see a kind of tutorial series showing some basic strengths and weaknesses of different strategies ect


Shoot… I’d even love just Map walkthroughs… So I know what I am going in to beforehand…