Weekly Global Rank Skin?


I’m currently #1 Global Kraken Rank for Pc with 135 wins. I feel like they should eventually add a temporary rank skin that you would obtain based on be in like the top 10 for the weekly global rank. This would help get more people to play the game trying to hold on to these ranks to have access to these skins. A simple idea to help boost numbers and the amount of people playing.


Hmm Can you show us a picture of it?


what do you mean show a picture of it? I’m saying they should add this in the future.


I think it could really help with the low pop numbers.


Ok no problem.


Not to sound like a jerk but I’d love to see a photo before I become invested in this conversation.


Likewise. Hard to believe right now.


It doesnt have to be anytime soon I just figure since they are already making skins for the weekend challenges they could make a set for these weekly rank skins.


The top guy has 770 wins, wat 0.0


not global rank but weekly rank that way it is easy to swap between people


Nice post edits. XD


You realize we can see your edited posts? :wink:


How are you rank #1 Global, with 135 wins on PC?

That’s what I see for Global Kraken play.


What edits?


I said “Weekly Global wins”


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What does weekly have anything to do with it? Go for global if you’re interested in play.

You aren’t on Global, because you just started playing Kraken after 2.0. Right after he was accidentally “buffed”, making it possible to stage 1 pug teams. I don’t see any need to award players for going straight to the unbalanced monster/hunter.


We can see all of your post edits, click the little pencil icon on your posts. XD


Please don’t. Admit that you were joking/trolling/lying. Most of us won’t care.


I’m actually rank 20 on pc global rank and technically 10 if you dont include the ones with 10000000 win