Weekend challenge?


I may have missed something, but are they not having a challenge this weekend? The have ussually announced something by this time of the week.


I don’t believe we’ll see any for a little bit since all four classes and all three monsters have been covered.


They could do a retry on support and assault as well as possibly a Behemoth event.


They could, but I don’t think it’ll be for a while. Also, Chris said they were avoiding T4 because not everyone has them.


I know they’re avoiding them but they can still be done.


They can at least release a skin for them so we can buy them.


I think wie will geht a Markov , Hank or Cabot challange because of The skin packs we didnt have get


That’s a shame I really liked the events. I guess they could do individual challenges for the characters who didn’t get the predator skins, I mean they already made them. They could do something like “do 15 million damage with the flamethrower and hyde gets the predator skin he missed from the Parnell challenge” or something like that.


I don’t think they’re done for good, just for a little while.